Game Deals & Book thread


Why couldn’t they do that with HAWX 2 :sob::sob:

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Don’t give in man… H.A.W.X. 1 was super cool, but the second was pants.


I played both of them to death tbh. I kicked so much butt on the online game.

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Aah, we have a connoisseurs!

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Lol it was awesome! The cheese!


A) Thanks for the heads up on Grid 2, I liked demo for the first, but I never picked them up.

B) HAWX 2 could have been SOOO good. But it wasn’t. It was bad. Like bad bad. Not ironic bad, or retro bad, it was just bad. I loved the added A2A refueling, landing, and things like that the first one didn’t have. Then they killed most everything about the first one that made it good.

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I always liked Ace Combat better.


A free .pdf book about the life of the C64- I bought it paper but even like this it’s super cool!

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Wooo! Thanks @komemiute! I may have had a (access to my parents) Commodore Pet as my first computer but the C64 was were it all began for me - gaming, flight ‘sims’, coding, machine language, the whole bit. Great find!

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Hitman (2016) Game Of The Year Edition at an all time low price.


Origin Basic free for 1 month. Turn off ad blocker, sign up here and verify email.

Once verified (the site is slammed, so be quick) in the ‘Rewards’ section choose the ‘Origin’ deal. Redeem the code on Origin in the next 100 days or so and then free stuff for a month. About 720 games, with Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Mass Effect Andromeda, Star Wars BF II, Fifa, Madden etc all worth a look, even just for the single player campaigns. For all the Premium releases (Anthem etc) you get 10 hours on trial, and a site-wide 10% discount for the month.

You also get 1000 Apex points if you’re into that, which is enough for the recently released expansion thingy.

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It’s “sold out” now…
yeah… sold out a virtual item…


The ROG people pay about $1 to EA for each of these, so they probably cap’d it. This is the 2nd time in 2 days they’ve run the promotion, so it’s not impossible to see it ‘top’d up’ and opened again.

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Ah. OK. Good to know. :slight_smile:


Worth it. Always.

Both “Knights of the Old Republic” for the price of an Hamburger.ù

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I actually bought the mobile version of ‘kotor 1’ and its not actually half bad!

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Two great ones.

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This is on sale right now:

I loved the original game back in the day. Might get it.

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That’s pretty great albeit carrying some “old DNA”.
Totally a steal for that price.