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It’s like someone said “We need a Bronco, but the wingspan is too long to fit in our hangar, and you can’t just lop off the wingtips.”

“why not put guys at both ends and just push inwards? We’ll make corrugated wings!”


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A mix of Bronco and Mwari:

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This game rules.


A screenshot from Days Gone


I had a completely pink motorcycle. During the sombre parts, it lightened the mood.

A lot of effort went into days gone. Its probably the most underated game I’ve ever come across


lol, love it!

You can see this in the game, for sure

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I really need to stop listening to game reviews.

I loved Rage. It was awesome. It got panned. I enjoyed the hell out of despite this.

Rage 2. Never played it because of the terrible reviews.

Its awesome. Ffs.

In other news.

Lara, my 5 year old woke me up this morning by shouting “oh my god, Snake? SNNNNNNAAAAAKKKKEEE?” At 6am.

Only i got the reference. Laughing my arse of as wifey panicked looking for a king cobra in the house.




Good times, played it back when it came out. I remember I encountered this weird bug that made me play the Revenant fight (where you get the Super Shotgun) entirely in slow motion.

It’s a pretty good game, but I feel 2016’s outing was a vastly superior shooter.


Yes. Eternal’s decision to force a dance of switching weapons to fight given enemies in certain ways just irritated me so much I quit like 1/3 through.
Played 2016 version twice through, however.

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So, weapon switching is an expected part of a ‘boomer shooter’ like Doom Eternal. You even did it a lot in 2016, no doubt. Build up heat with the plasma gun, then pop the heatsink in one big release of radial damage to deal with a crowd, then switch to the gauss cannon and just jump and fire not so much to kill something but to use the recoil of the gauss to propel you away. Then when you land, you can chose which weapon to switch to based on the context in which you arrive.

This is good weapon switching. It gives you a set of combos you can rely on for specific situations and also leaves it open ended to you for you to experiment with early on whenever you get a new weapon. It gives you a small stretch of time to play with it, come to grips with it, and then quickly ascertain how it fits into the arsenal.

Doom Eternal forces you to weapon switch between guns that don’t really define themselves as well as previous games have. They force you to do this with the small ammo reserve, which I absolutely loathe. There are definite good parts, like the flame-hook and super shotty combo, that’s always going to be good. Another delightful part is the auto-shotty. Doom Hunters are my favorite enemy to kill just because I pop their shields with plasma, then switch to the auto-shotty and I can watch their mechanical bits get blasted away as I dump ammo into them. Also, the Marauder fights are fun as hell.

But the small ammo pools that force weapon switching feels absolutely artificial. It also forces the maps to be pretty small and, as a result, it always feels like you’re fighting in a shoebox.

Just in case someone still likes the old Gran Turismo games…

I cannot but unapologetically love all the people involved in keeping games like these alive and well.


Jesus H. that’s insane. That’s always wonderful to see. It’s part of what makes BMS such a mindboggling accomplishment and this even more so given that it’s a console game and I doubt Polyphony released the source code at any point.


I know right? I was absolutely blown away…