Games we are playing


Recently got back into Forza Motorsport 7 with my G29 wheel. The 3rd-person/first-person shooter thing getting a little stale. Eagerly awaiting Modern Air Combat.


Getting ready for Kiwami.

The real trick is to unlearn what you have learned. What determines the range of the turn on these old Soviet aircraft is the pressure you apply to the braking lever. Always use full rudder input in the direction you want to turn, then squeeze to get the desired turn.


Is this a joke?
Tetris Battle Royale?!

(I still want to play it, tho)


So going through my stuff I found the 5 or so CDs for FEAR. When I first purchased the gam, I didn’t have a powerful enough PC/graphics card. I installed it and watched a few minutes of a “slide show” that was supposed to be the intro cut scene (I guess) before I took it off the hard drive.

Now…I’m thinking about installing it on a “modern” PC…is it worth the effort?


If you like scary horror games, yes.


I picked up Assasin’s Creed Odyssey in the recent Steam sale. It is not my usual type of game but I’m actually quite enjoying it. Visually it is quite stunning, and the story line is pretty good so far.


Did you buy the booster to get XP faster or are you playing the regular grind?

i got it back in November, but haven’t installed it yet, so I’m curious.


Solid gunplay an some pretty eerie stuff.
It can get a tiny bit repetitive in some levels but overall it has some pretty impressive effects.
Well… It had, at least.


I didn’t buy a booster. It really doesn’t seem like much of a grind as there are plenty of quests of varying difficulty and lots of places to explore etc. I’m at level 8 right now.


Well myself and the wife just finished playing SOMA. It really is an underrated game in my opinion. We played Amnesia by the same developers years ago and weren’t really bothered by it but SOMA had us hooked from the word go. It’s not that “scary” but it has a fantastic atmosphere and is certainly very creepy. The story is a really clever one and for the 11 or so hours it took to complete I can’t recommend it enough.
interestingly my wife and I have never played any of the bioshock series (which is critically acclaimed by the entire world) so we found the remastered edition on GOG for £3.50 so we are going to give that a whirl.
I tried system shock 2 with her but I think it’s unfortunately just that little but too old and retro to capture her attention. So I’ll play through that again on my own I think.
looking forward to trying bioshock but I’ve also got metro last light sat on my hdd and that is one I’ve been meaning to get around to for a loooong time after loving the books and the first game


After Metro LL you have to try the Exodus. Too bad it’s only on Epic Store right now (one year exclusive) I was able to grab it on Steam pre-order after they announced the switch to Epic store and before they pulled it from Steam. Anyway I played first 6 hours and I’m hooked. Great atmosphere, open world. It’s more like streamlined Stalker now. Love it.


I’d seen exodus advertised and assumed it wasn’t actually out yet. Thanks for that I’ll definitely grab that when It comes out on steam.

I really like the series just haven’t had chance to actually play them lol.
the library in 2033 was one of my favourite gaming moments ever.
wifey is really enjoying paying games together at the moment as she tends to just sit on fallout 4 or skyrim on her own (800 Hrs she has on that) so it’s nice broadening her gaming horizons. We’ve got a bit of a backlog at the moment which bioshock won’t help to diminish but it’s all good stuff which she will like.
Looking forward to bioshock as we played about 15 mins of it a day or so ago and it looks fantastic so far.

While I remember we tried the remastered edition of Lucasarts Full throttle and got about halfway through before she lost interest. I was really enjoying playing through an old favourite with new graphics and it was interesting how many puzzles I couldn’t remember how to get through despite completing it lots of times in my youth.
again if your feeling nostalgic I’d definitely recommend it if it’s on offer :blush:


I have remasters of Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango and Full Throttle ready and waiting in my Steam library. Also other classics like Monkey Island 1 and 2. Started the first one but didn’t finished it yet. I have too many games left unplayed in my library and so little free time. First world problems I guess :wink:


That is so true :joy::joy:


Has anybody heard of this? Due to be released in April.

Imperator: Rome - Deluxe Edition

Looks to be like Victoria II Edge of Darkness…which I like but can never win…(I’ve got to play another country besides Liechtenstein.)

Also, I founds advertisement on the back of my Ghost Recon 2 instructions pamphlet

Looks cool enough but I remember something about not judging a computer game by its cover.


Picked up Wolfenstein: The New Order a while back in a Steam sale, and thought I’d give it a try for a bit of mindless fun. And holy crap, is it kicking my butt. I haven’t died this quickly, this often, in a game in a long, long time. Reminds me why I tend to avoid FPS’s.


I got this free when I bought the new DOOM when it first came out. I stayed up for the entire night and finished doom in one sitting (I haven’t done that since my twenties) it was incredible.

Once I completed it I thought I’d try wolfenstein as it was free and assumed I’d run through it like a tiger in the bunny farm after kicking dooms butt.

Well I was wrong. I didn’t get past the first 15 mins of the game. It was the same problem your having it just killed me over and over. Me! The doom marine! Murdered by nazis!

I haven’t been back but I keep meaning to try again. The first remake of wolfenstein (I forget the name) was a great experience and I expect now the doom fingers have worn off ill find it easier to learn.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein? Loved that one as well.


My mistake @Navynuke99 I was thinking of the old blood.

The new order is the one I played (the return to Castle wolfenstein was the older “remake”) the old blood is the one I got free with doom.

Sorry got confused with the names lol


For me it was that #@$% Viggen in DCS…but that is another story. :open_mouth: