Games we are playing


So I dug up my HalfLife2 CDs…only to find they aren’t needed once they were registered on Steam…now they tell me.

I start playing and while the graphics are a bit dated, the attention to detail is fantastic. The scene where the teleport messes up while Freeman is being transferred…the movements of Alix and her father in their lab and with what you can see of them in the monitor in the “sending” lab are exactly synchronized…simply amazing.


Now imagine how Half Life 3 would have looked like if Valve were still making games.


Playing Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn and Ghost Recon Wildlands on PS4 currently. Metro Exodus is definitely a spiritual successor of Stalker, such a great atmosphere.


I have to try Metro Exodus yet, I have it downloaded but not yet started it.

I’ve not played this game in years, but I was reminded of it recently and it is just about the best FPS game ever made if you’re into comedy.


Just finished F.E.A.R. ………ehh…good bad guy movements (I especially liked how they would hop around on one foot if you hit them in the leg) and the weird ghost things at the end were bit spooky but nowhere near the chills in System Shock 2. Wish that series hadn’t gone directly to BioShock…never got past the first couple of levels before I became frustrated and bored at the same time…you know…“I’ve need to find a way to get past this door but…I don’t really care…so…let’s see if Grey’s Anatomy is on…”

Also on the last levels of HalfLife 2…now that my Steam account is running again (after about an eight year sabbatical) I may go back to Black Mesa and the HL1 series.

Do you ever get to the end of a FPS that you have played before and not finished it because…not sure why…I just do.


Metro Exodus is a great game, finished it just recently. Without much spoilers I will tell you to take your time, explore and don’t be a dick to NPC’s. Most human NPC are not hostile, approach them with your gun holstered and they will talk to you. It’s also wise to use stealh as much as possible, and knocking out enemies (if you approach them you have 2 options - knock out or stealth kill). Also help anyone who is in need. To get good ending you have to earn enough karma points to make sure all your friends in 3 open chapters will remain with your team. Although it is much easier to get good ending in this one than in 2033 or Last Light.

Also loved NOLF and its sequel. Great comedy (old bond films mixed with Austin Powers) and if you eavesdrop a lot you can hear many more interesting conversations :wink:


There was a great convo about the Edsel in NOLF 1 that was both funny and insightful.

There was quite a gap between SS2 and Bioshock - 8 years. I don’t think that qualifies as “directly”. They did SWAT 4 in between for one, as well as something else I can’t recall. Like many series, the first Bioshock was the best. The later ones added new game mechanics, better graphics, and so on, but the original one had the best written and most impactful story.

Same with FEAR. The first game was excellent, the addons were ok, then the sequels and their addons got farther and farther from the original idea into generic shooter/horror that was fun enough but forgettable when done.