GDC March 14-16, 2016

Now that GDC is in full effect, having everything under one thread, seemed like a good idea.
Let’s start it off with AMD:

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Unity Engine Showreel

Unreal engine Showreel

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Not sure if it was part of the GDC, but it was released today… and it’s awesome.

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Lots of Oculus news tomorrow at 7AM PST, as that’s when the press embargo ends and the games line-up can be announce in more detail. :v:

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not sure if from GDC but… important

NVIDIA today announced worldwide availability of the NVIDIA GameWorks software development kit (SDK) 3.1, which introduces three groundbreaking graphics techniques for shadows and lighting as well as two new physical simulation algorithms released as betas.

Obsidian announces Tyranny, a Infinity engine like game

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Escape from Tarkov gets a preview

Oculus Rift launch titles revealed

And then there’s Crytek’s CryEngine reel

I’m going to shamelessly plug a game here that was made by friends of mine. But it was at GDC

More shamelessly plugging

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CryEngine V - Graphics Tech In-Depth

Unity vs unity

Live Performance & Real-Time Animation, Unreal Engine 4

I love me some CD Project

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Good talk on Valve using various techniques to make it easier to render for VR.

The summary article:

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Amazon has made a game engine O_O