Get new CPU or wait it out?

Hey Guys,

My current system was built a few months ago. I did purchase a 10th gen CPU and now having a bit or buyers regret. What the deal is that I purchased a m.2 Samsung 980 Pro that was supposed to be PCIe 4.0 but I later found out it will only work in that mode with a 11th series CPU.

So now I was looking at the 11700K models but thay are about 400 USD. I looked at prices for a used 10700K but not getting much for those right now selling my current CPU would probally be out… so I am wondering since I had missed the oppurtunity to get a 11700K when I should have.

Should I go for a 11700K and that way I will be able to use the proper slot for my 980M.2 Pro and gert the full speed of it plus it uses the CPU PCIe lanes which should be more efficeient then using the PCH Lanes it uses now in the 2nd M.2 slot…

Since I am not going to be able to get hold of a 3080RTX anytime soon and I am not paying a scalper I was thinking just get the CPU I wanted in the first place… but if it would not matter much in tems of performance I can hold out a couple years with my current system…

what do you guys think splurge and get the new CPU and I could proablly give my old cpu to my Brother-in-law or something

I’d just wait for the next generation honestly. Unless you handle extraordinarily large files like a lot of 8k video etc. the additional performance you gain from PCIe 4.0 will not be that noticable in day to day use and the 10700k is plenty fast for every game out there.

Then again, I am someone who upgrades about every 4-5 years, I don’t need to always have the latest and greatest but I will upgrade when the hardware starts to struggle with modern applications.

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Is the performance difference of pci 3 vs 4 worth a significant part of 400 USD?

Watch this video and decide for yourself:

For me that’s a no. I would be content to know the SSD will be even faster when I do upgrade to a better CPU eventually

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Hey thank you for the video there really is not much of a difference at least not 400 usd of it… I will hold of for know thank you all…

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