Getting logged out daily

Dear good souls of this forum

I used to be logged in to the forum for ages. Now I get logged out every day, sometimes even more than once, I think. I use two iPhones to read so I might mess up devices.

Is it intention? Is it me?

Any help appreciated.

Sounds to my untutored ear like some cleaner is running on your phones that clear cookies and cache. Or have you clicked keep me logged in button off?

I don’t have that problem. Logged in on both phone and pad, continously…
Try purging the browser cache.

Thanks for the suggestions. I don‘t use any web/ad filter mumbo jumbo apps, just plain old Safari.

I can‘t select „remember login“ or similar things:

Let me try cleaning the cache. Come to think of it I never did that on my iPhones since I got the first one in 2011…

Happened to me yesterday. Logged out twice from the MacBook and once from the iPad.

It’s not intentional on our part. It could be that any cookies used to store the login session are getting wiped or some other issue with the forum software. If I get a chance, I will take a look on the Discourse site for others reporting issues.


On the iPhone 8 I cleaned the cache on a few hours ago I was logged out again now.

Here’s my Safari settings:

Aaand logged out again. New record: 3 Minutes :slight_smile:

Thanks Fridge!

I ran through the logs quickly on my lunch break and I don’t see anything that seems related … granted I was looking for your user name or IP but neither turned up.

On the Discourse forums there is this - which seems directly related:

I will try to keep an eye on it.


I’ve been on mobile (4G) all day and haven’t gotten logged out. FWIW…

I get logged out but oddly if I retype the URL and hit enter, I’m back in. Refresh doesn’t work. It’s not a log out per se as even when I am “out” the various threads have the new/unread post counters for my profile.

Desktop is fine. Safari on iPhone XR latest iOS is requiring daily login.

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Yeah, that has happened to me too!

I just get logged out. I usually don’t notice until I get the little message at the bottom of the thread saying something like “You seem to be enjoying the site. Perhaps you would like to log in”…or words to that effect.

I’ve done some research.
I only get logged out using Safari. With Chrome, everything is ok. This on iOS.
There’s no ”Remember me” tick box. I don’t log in and out very often, so I can’t remember if there used to be one…?