Go For Launch: Mercury


You wait for a bus and two turn up, every time.

This one supports VR (and flatland) and is just about the Mercury spacecraft. From what I can gather it seems a little simpler than Reentry, but of course pretty similar.

On the Steam forums, some reports that Windows Mixed Reality hand controllers might not work, or will need rebinding. Will keep an eye on this one though, as another one-man early access thing.


Wait. There are TWO of these spacecraft sims? I was just about to get the Reentry one, and saw this…

@fearlessfrog, from that, I take it you would recommend the other one?


I think the other one (Reentry) is further along in terms of system modeling, while this one is good looking in VR, but only plans to be the Mercury spacecraft.

I don’t have this one yet, but will look again when my games backlog is less tragic. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty impressed that it has a moving map globe.


Two dc motors and a bit of paper - it’s fantastic. :slight_smile: