Good defrag software?

Good Free Defrag programs?

Yeah, have a few SSD’s for OS and dedicated ones for FSX/P3D/XP11, for my games still use a traditional mechanical 2 TB drive, a Western Digital 2 TB drive, one of the better and faster reliable ones IMHO and I see its quite fragmented now, good 25% of free space still, so its worth defragmenting it properly.

So seeking advice, what is a good effective, cheap, preferably free defrag program, prepared to pay if it does offer benefits.

Tried a couple of so called good free ones, some you need to be careful when installing because they want to install third party crap too, one did a defrag instantly ?? (wonder how effective that was?) another estimates almost a day to do it right, just curious if any here use and know of a good defrag prog for mechanical HD’s.

SSD’s are the best answer of course, but up to my limit on the PC expenditure at the moment, recently bought a 2TB SSD just for XP11 and forthcoming ORBX True Earth scenery … and that probably won’t be enough :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for a good effective defrag prog for good large fast traditional mechanical HD’s?

I would just go with the built-in Windows defrag tool. It’s been so long since I’ve needed it I can’t recall the name - just do a Windows search for ‘defrag’. I do remember watching it shift colored blocks around on the screen for a long time…


It actually runs behind the scenes keeping things tidy.


I have been using Auslogic’s disk defrag for ages.
The now “Ultimate” version has always been good, you can even defrag a Windows system disk pre-boot so it can optimize the OS. It also has an SSD defrag, but realistically there’s not much reason to defrag an SSD and it’s profile reflects this but doing more tidying than renovation.

For the HDDs you get options to:
-Optimize my disk zone (put more used files closer to the center, lesser changed and used files further out).
-A quick defrag.
-A profile that consolidates all the free space so new files don’t get fragmented (but editing existing files can therefore cause fragments as the new bit has to be written in the now consolidated free space). This is good for media stuff that doesn’t change much, if at all.
-And there’s more too, I don’t remember them all.

Automatic scheduling is available as is the options to close the program, or shut down the PC when it’s done. Set it to run overnight and shut down when done.

A free version is available, and trials for the paid ones.
What I liked in the past when I had multiple HDDs was that I could queue them all at once, or any combo I desired.

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Thanks guys, but Windows built in defrag is not very good, switch it off every build I do … for SSD’s, fortunately I use just Samsung SSD’s and Samsung’s own free Magician software takes care of them, checks for firmware and trims as well.

Nah, I need better than Windows own defrag prog for my mechanical drives … Microsoft make good OS’s but the defrag utility they tack on with it is far from perfect IMHO.

Wes, Auslogics looks OK, will give it another go, seems to take a while doing its job, but taking time seems like it must be doing it right.


I beg to differ based on what I read on computer blogs about defragging and SSDs. But as always, YMMV.

TRIMMing and firmware updates might be a different matter. I’ve got an SSD that’s behaving badly. I’ve taken it out of service, but thinking that it might make handy portable storage in one of those USB 3 cases. Going to tinker with it a bit.

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