Good thing the fire truck was standing by

Could that “fireman” be any less useful? Is that a problem of training? Of shock?
OMG- it makes me really mad to watch this stuff…

Well, that escalated quickly.

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Well from the timestamps the person sitting in the truck starts to respond in roughly 15 seconds, the trunk is brought in within 30 seconds and by 45 seconds after the event, I would argue that there is not much that one person could do. By the time a hose is run from the truck, a minute and 25 seconds has passed and it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at that point.

Maybe if it had been a crew instead of one person and maybe if that crew had a way to remotely work the fire suppression system from within the truck they might have been able to deal with it but that fire burns hot and fast.


Don’t forget the obviously very strong wind…the smoke is almost sideways by the 12:00 minute mark

Looked quite strong. I watched until the end wondering if anyone was going to come out and battle that fire :slight_smile:

Yeah, I get the impression this was a protocol thing - have a fuel truck standing by while refueling, but it looks like some fumes collected somehow in the cabin of the helo and ignited. I really don’t think there is much a fire truck can do at that point unless it is one of those modern ones with the turret mounted spray nozzle that can be instantly put into action…

Complacency!!! Just plain old complacency. “This will never happen, so let send one guy down there who does not have a clue.” It becomes obvious from the second the fire starts that the guy in the fire engine has no clue what to do. Im surprised he had enough sense to save the fire truck. Being alone, he had no chance too.
That was the first time I watched it.
I watched it again and thought, “I would have run if I been that fireman”. The only way that situation had any hope is if the fire truck had been ready to go. I mean hose in hand ready.

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This. Plus as it has been poiinted out- it was ONE guy. Even the best Firefighter couldn’t have done anything in time- ALONE.

I read that before watching the video, so was expecting the firetruck to crash into the helo that was already on fire and just generally increasing the fireball/chaos. So I guess, yes, there was a way in which he could be less useful. :slight_smile: :fire_engine:


HAHAHAHAHHA made me think about the Simpsons trope with apparently harmless things colliding and then bursting into flames! :smiley: