Gopro Videos of Some Basic Acro Flying

I was going to post this in reply to Beech’s question about my acro in the “Dubai” thread. However the forum software scolded me into reconsidering dominating the thread. I’ve never seen such a feature before but I like it.

Sorry for the smudges but I guess I got a little sweat on the gopro turning the thing on. Anyway these are from the East Coast Aerobatic Contest in Warrenton, VA this weekend. I flew poorly on the “known” and placed 4th out of 11. Flew worse on my “free” (the first video) and moved to 5th. Then I flew the “unknown” (2nd video), a sequence handed out blind the day before. I actually didn’t fly it very well either. But, importantly, I flew it clean (no zeros). The guys ahead of me, better pilots all, did not. So I placed first in the Unknown and 2nd overall in the Intermediate category. The airplane is a Pitts S1S.


I still don’t understand how the (anti?) spin control inputs that pull you out of the maneuvers can be so timed so well that you end up on the correct line you intend. What is the maneuver from 1:00 to 1:07 in the second video? Is that a double snap roll?

Insane stuff…I think I’m going to hurl… :speak_no_evil:

Naw. Just another spin. Recovery on point isn’t too hard. Start with full recovery rudder and a little power. Then recovery elevator immediately before the point. The figures aren’t hard to do. Even most of the unlimited stuff isn’t hard individually. It’s just tying them together and managing energy that’s the really difficult part. After three years I’m finally starting to get it. You’d be fine I promise. I was miserable the first month. After that I loved it. G’s become addictive.


Oh stop it. I mean, I can sneak a 1080 card or maybe a VR headset past the wife…but I don’t know how I’m gonna hide a Pitts or Citabria or something… :wink:


Hangar it at Anson County and just tell her that you are visiting your girlfriend. She seems cool. She’ll understand.


I’ll have to tell her that one. My future ex-wife will get a giggle over that…