Late last night (for me) and early this morning, Hangar had a disagreement with the Mudspike moderators about how the rules are applied. We started to try and work out a way forward for everyone but at that time he requested that all of his posts be taken down and deleted - and threatened legal action. We (I) viewed that as a request to deactivate and delete his account - so that was done.

I don’t want to get into a public discussion about that - it was his decision and it was acted upon.

A few minutes ago, a new user named Banished decided to make this a public issue and I strongly disagreed with that action and removed the post and the user. Please understand that I did not take that action lightly but I did not want to get into a back and forth over the topic. I apologize to anyone who replied, or was replying to the message.

If anyone wants to talk about this, please send a message to the @moderators account and we will respond as soon as we can. I am willing to respond in this thread but I just do not want it to get out of control.

Again. I apologize if this come across as a heavy handed action but while I was reading the thread, and the quotes taken out of context, I was getting somewhat frustrated and angry.

If you are concerned with this action, and don’t want to talk about it here, or with me, please contact @BeachAV8R directly. I will leave this post open for comments and criticisms.


I see it as a pretty extreme overreaction about a relatively small thing. He had those before.
I am a bit shocked and sad and I will miss him.

But I think you made the right decision.

I will only say that Hangar200 had an interesting perspective and many interesting stories, forged through a career of service and sacrifice to his country. Through this community, he has never struck me as the type to act irrationally, though as humans sometimes do, we falter; I am deeply saddened and disappointed by his parting as well as the manner of such. I believe that all parties have likely gotten their wires crossed and that communication has broken down in such a way that likely shouldn’t have.

I realize that the written word oftentimes has difficulty conveying meaning that face-to-face, spoken words have, and it strikes me that certain parties at Mudspike may have momentarily forgotten such when conveying information. That’s expected, given the issues at hand, and how our current world situation has played out. Mistakes can and will be made given these strenuous times, and I hope that we can find it within ourselves to understand this and forgive one another for the times when we stumble.



If you are reading this Will, know that I’ll miss you and await your return. You and I were a perfect example of a friendship existing across the lines that divide us.


I don’t have any patience for diva behaviour, personally. This is a community. It is paid for by specific people who make the rules. Those rules get applied by them and the select few they have asked to represent them.

You don’t like it you are free to leave. End of story.

Threatening legal action over forum posts is lol. Especially here.

No great loss and definitely don’t consider your actions heavy handed. It’s a forum people. That’s it.


I see this place as a very friendly bar, full of fascinating people, with a common interest, who I would never have the chance to hear their stories or speak to, had it not been for this forum.

It’s inevitable that in a place with so many diverse people, personalities and interests, there will be disagreements, but hope it can be quickly resolved and or forgiven.

Q: does this mean @hangar200 is banned from returning, have bridges been burned?

(Hope not)


I am in, I guess, a conflict of interest dilemma here: I don’t mean to deprive Hangar2000 of his opportunity to say good-bye to his friends here nor state his disagreement over what happened. I am not happy with how this went. Again, I appoligise for that. I really wanted to leave the post up - even if I disagreed with it, but I also did not want to spend my evening either defending the specifics that Hangar200 mentioned or turning what I viewed as personal communications into a public trial.

I will say this. The disagreement, in essence, boiled down to our ‘rules’ against political topics that can cause animosity, arguments and strong reactions. Hangar200 disagreed with how we were enforcing those rules and asked for his posts to be deleted.

Personally, my guideline for moderation duties has been to question anything that is intolerant of another persons view. I try to avoid political discussions not because I want to censor or suppress any viewpoint, but instead because they can become heated, lead to harsh words and actions, spiral out of control and draw everyone away from what this site tries to promote. In this case I may have caused as much angst as I wished to avoid.

I feel badly about this because Hangar200’s posts and presence here were enlightening, beneficial, useful, insightful, creative, constructive and fun. I respected his presence here in the community. I feel badly for depriving him of his moment to stay good-bye or providing an explanation.


Well that came out of nowhere… I have no idea of the specifics, but surely all sides could take a deep breath and figure out a way to sort this out with a more positive outcome. Maybe that isn’t possible now, but I really hope that isn’t the case.

Tensions and frustration levels are high for everyone right now (even if we think we are coping just fine). Things can escalate quickly when fuses are short and the powder is dry.


I wouldn’t stay hung up on it. You moderated some stuff. The subject of said moderation overreacted. It pretty much ends there. I’d let it go.

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It’s me.

I apologize to Fridge and anyone else that I have offended. I also thank Fridge for starting this thread.

I recall the advice of the great Mark Twain when he said, “When angry, count ten. When very angry; swear!” I wish had taken the first part of that advice.

I would love to follow Fridge’s advice and PM the moderators to keep this off the public net. Unfortunately, “new” members such as myself do not have PM privileges.

If I may, I would like to clarify two things:

1 - My threatened legal actions: That was dumb of me to go “nuclear” when we hadn’t even try to work out how removing posts might be accomplished. Yes, I meant it, but I should have given you all an opportunity to work it through.

2 - Regarding Rhinosaurus’s statement that, “It is paid for by specific people who make the rules.” Actually, it is paid for through donations. I have donated. I invite you to do the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lastly, for @Fridge, I sent an email to the administrators account. If possible I would rather just restore the Hangar200 account, since I have many threads and PMs that go back to and reread for reference. If you do restore the Hangar200 account, the limitations on my forum activity I described in my email would still be applicable.

R/ Will


Hey @HopeTemp welcome to the community man!


I’m calling for a mulligan. Can we all be friends again? Please?


From my perception, of this forum, if we can’t [mulligan] here then things are really bad.

PS: I like the golf reference :slight_smile:


We live in trying times gentlemen, to say the least. I’ve often had to bite my tongue over one political perspective or another. I worry that one of my posts was the catalyst for @fearlessfrog leaving. It wasn’t intentionally political in nature, but I probably should have considered it more carefully before clicking. I fear that my computer should have a breathalyzer device rather than require a password.

Having said that, does it seem sometimes that those who post so prolifically are the most volatile and most likely to suddenly leave? Perhaps a bit of burnout at play, or is this social interaction somehow unfulfilling? For sure I’m no Mensa candidate.

Hard to say. I’ll certainly miss @Hangar200’s whit. He had me, as I’m sure many of you, often chucking at the most mundane topic.

@Fridge, no worries. Knowing you, I’m sure that the incident was handled fairly.


Hey Will, I increased the trust level of the @HopeTemp user. Because the Hangar200 user was ‘anonymized’ (which is Discourse’s version of an account that deleted when over 30+ days old). I don’t see any of the admin emails - I think that they go directly to Beach. See if you can send a message to that @moderators and we can go from there.

Hello Everyone.

I’ve been asleep through most of this. I went out on an organ procurement last night at 2AM, didn’t get home until 10AM, and go back on duty tonight, so I had to check out and get some rest.

Prior to knocking off, I started the process of fulfilling Hangar’s request. With the recently passed European laws with regards to the “Right to be Forgotten” with regards to internet history, I was hopeful that our forum software would have an easy way to do this that ideally would also be reversible. Looking at Hangar’s exceptional contributions to the community (over 6000 posts) and then wondering if his request also extended to people quoting his replies…I knew that the task might turn into a formidable job. I’m not sure what a reasonable time period is to accomplish all of this against the backdrop of legal action.

I won’t get into addressing specific grievances in public. I would be happy to invest a lot of time to repair relationships if I thought there was a path forward in that regard. I have some PMs to sort through, so I appreciate your patience.


It is definitely possible to restore the account with a backup. Depending on how often you backup the site, if ever, is going to determine how much content will be lost.

Another possibility which is beyond my understanding is in this post from the Discourse forums.

Actually what the post is telling you to do is just rename the anonymous account to the old username, change the email address from whatever the system generated for it to his old one if you know it or have access to a backup with it, and give the account a new PW.



Oh dear.

I hope that this can be put behind us and we can all be friends again.





For those of you who’ve seen Hamilton, this has one recalling the scene where Thomas Jefferson shows up and begins his number.

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