Harrier Cockpit Video

Found on the Hoggit Reddit.

Not the startup … that would have been very cool … but interesting, none-the-less.


The level to which I want to see an LHD, LPH, or LHA in DCS…

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It’s odd the US Marines never adopted the end ramp like the UK Royal Navy did for their LHD’s - it seems like a good trade-off in getting more fuel/weapons in the air for Harriers. Anyone know why?

This is one of those things that I hadn’t thought about until you mentioned it, so I went and did some looking, and boy, the internet sure has some crackpots out there…

The consensus seems to be ski jumps cut into helicopter operations too much. The primary role of the L type ships is the debarkation and support of an amphibious assault, for the LHA/LPH/LHD this means moving men and supplies to shore via helicopter. The ski-jump, while it considerably increases range of STOVL aircraft, also takes away somewhere between one to five helicopter landing spots, which reduces the total sorties they can generate. The Navy appears to be of the opinion that this loss in helicopter surge capacity is great enough to negate the increase in fixed wing performance, hence, no ski jump.


There is a massive conspiracy leading all the way to the CNO and Secretary of the Navy that hates all things British and or Fixed wing Marine air oower, and have purposefully forbidden all things ski jump because LHDs and Marine Harriers would become too effective, and threaten the hegemony of the sacred CVN/CVW combination. Apparently this anti ski jump cabal also thinks they look ugly.

I’ll let you decide which is more likely.


Seeing as the steam catapult, angled deck, and IFLOLS are all British inventions, it’d have to be a fairly recent development.

As for LHD’s and MAG’s (Marine Air Groups) supplanting the traditional CVN/ CVW, I think that’s a bit of an apples and potatoes comparison. A Gator and their wing are there to land and support an amphibious assault on a beach head. The strike component of a carrier air wing would be striking farther inland during that assault, and would have been softening up defenses and infrastructure before the amphibious assault to begin with.

I do think it has to do with the loss of deck space for helos. Kinda makes me wonder if there couldn’t be a hydraulic system installed under the forward end of the flight deck…


Its a shame the uk got rid of their harriers. Our aircraft carriers are still waiting for aircraft.

Anyway, back to the video. When landing the pilot gives a little headshake, i wonder what he was communicating/unhappy about?

From what I last saw, the F-35B’s will be via a ski ramp jump again, so the UK is consistent on that. :smile:

I took the head-shake to be that he didn’t come down completely parallel with the deck and as he was filming it probably wanted to stick a perfect landing. Personally if I could walk away from any AV8B landing then I’d be ecstatic.