Harrier trim

Gents, two questions, if I may:

– I see the stabilator (pitch) trim readout where the RPM counter is but where is the aileron (roll) trim readout and is it normal that I only get an up/down arrow indication for the former rather than a value in degrees? If I need to trim nose up or down for takeoff or landing to a set value, how can I do this and get an accurate readout (say, 4 deg.) either on that indicator or the RMFD ENG page?

I am pretty active with trim and have it mapped but I haven’t yet figured out where to get a trim input value on any of the instruments that can show the required value.

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When I was on USS GUAM, during a port visit an embarked Harrier pilot got some trim…I’ll have to ask what he did. :yum:

Oh stop! Please…

I am pretty active with trim… but I haven’t yet figured out where to get a trim input

Like you all were going to let that just go by? Somebody was going to make similar comments if only to say “Phrasing”. It just as might as well have been me. Now we can all get it out of our systems and seriously answer the question. :sunglasses:

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The indicator you are describing does not describe pitch trim but the actual stabilator position :slight_smile: It does indeed tell you your trim if you have some applied but are leaving the stick in a neutral position. It should indicate the value in degrees. If you get just an arrow but the value stays zero then probably only a little trim is applied.

You’ll find the aileron (and rudder) trim readouts on the trim panel. This is located on the far front of the left console, just below the gear handle.

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I don’t know if it is the proper procedure, but cycling the AFCS on and off will trim it to 1g level flight.

Thanks, gents. I should have known better than to blunder into innuendo!

FWIW, I discovered that it takes quite a lot of input on the trim hat to get the numbers in degrees to appear on the guages.