Have you ever been inside a nuclear sub torpedo tube?

Sorry if this been discussed here already, but came across this on recent you tube searchings and found it absoluty fascinating

How they load and flood tubes, my only experience before this was with Ice Station Zebra film or Silent Hunter Simulations, this is the real deal, WOW


I definitely could not go in there to clean or maintain that thing. I hate spaces like that. I have very few weird fears…but those videos of cave divers and spelunkers just…just no…


My own, too. Enclosed, apparently narrowing spaces (even if it is just by perspective) are terrifying. I would think people naturally try to gravitate towards jobs that satisfy their manias and avoid their phobias. Pilots would most likely tend to being agro-maniacs, and therefore by inverse correlation, would have a high probability of also being claustrophobics. :smiley:

PS: I know it is silly, but this cartoon strip my daughter showed me a little over a year ago actually caused me to have bad dreams that night…

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UbcAFBA - Imgur

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I’ve been triggered.

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Aaaaaaaaaaand now I’m going on a YT binge session.


Very impressed with the crew of that nuclear submarine by the way, quite young some of them, but look highly trained and well disciplined, excellent courteous manners too towards their guest. Submarine crews are cherry picked I suppose, it cant be for everyone, that way of life.

Crawled down some long tubulars in the oil rig fabrication industry to do some girth back welding, never been over claustrophobic … one time I did have a mini panic, closed my eyes , took deep breaths and counted to three slowly, took stock, opened them and was OK again, oh to be young and reckless again, my now portly frame might not fit inside those same small diameter steel tubes any-more I think :slight_smile:

Have done an MRI scanner, they are very loud, lots of clunky noise, again intserted into a tube, for minutes, sometimes 10 minutes at a time in my case for my various spine problems, they gave me headphones and choice of radio stations to listen to that partially drowned out the machines noise … made it with no panic … but hope I never have to do that again!

Looks like something out of 2001 the movie, doesn’t it.

Why does that remind me of my son’s birthday?

Some things stick with you :slight_smile:

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