Heatblur F-14 and Forrestal Update



RIO pit pictures are up:



That’s a nice cockpit!
Lots of switches to switch. :slight_smile:

That being said: I bet it can be a tiny bit disconcerting to have a full set of instruments and even a stick in front of you, but still no way to fly the jet from there. :smiley:

Also: Ewwww. I am kinda glad that you wear gloves when flying. :smile: :smile:


I was thinking the same!


I have to clean my hands just looking at that cockpit!

Incredible detail! What a fantastic job. I’m so impressed with this piece of work


The dirty panels notwithstanding, my attention immediately went to the stain in the back-left portion of the RIO’s lower seat cushion. You know they can swap those out when they get too “dirty”

Sea Story: Out on USS Boat one fair day, one of our RIOs was suffering from some gastro-internal discomfort, but decided to fly anyway…an unfortunate decision. As the jet climbed to altitude, the pressure inside the cockpit decreased faster than the RIO’s distraught bowels could do likewise in a controlled manner. At some point the RIO’s colon suffered a rather explosive decompression, as it were, that soiled the aforementioned lower seat cushion. Once safely back onboard, the pilot elected to remain on oxygen with his face mask firmly affixed until the canopy was fully open and a strong ocean breeze was providing ample fresh air ventilation. Although not strictly per NATOPS, it was decided that his decision was prudent. The RIO, took the offending seat cushion with him when he departed the aircraft. The F-14 was down for maintenance–replace RIO seat cushion–for a day or so.


Wow. I’m sure the Plane Captain and AME shop loved him.


I’m not sure but I think they just tossed the seat cushion. The RIO reportedly was properly contrite with the maintenance folks.

They could have just hung up one of those pine tree air fresheners from one of the mirrors…just a thought. :astonished:


If you took the inner cardboard tube of a roll you could probably get it to fit over the RIO’s control column!


So what became his new callsign? Brownie?


Surely it would be “cushion”


What about “Incontinentia Buttocks”? Too british, i guess…




Probably too long, honestly.


“■■■■ Bird”


Dire times call for dire measures. :wink:


Callsign diaper :sunglasses: