came by this this game on steam. It’s an arcade game about flying helicopters in a multiplayer enviroment. the setup reminds me a bit of those MOBA games out there. waves of vehicles coming from either side. Pretty cool that when a checkpoint is cleared transport helicopters can move in to deploy teams to man the anti-air weapons. or even deploy a MANPAD team anywhere on the map you can land a heli!


That looks fun!

Would be willing to give it a go. Anyone for a game night with this tomorrow (or suggest a better time/day)? We can all be bad together! :slight_smile:

Steam full link (just put a steam store link on its own line to make the preview box) to further tempt in @BeachAV8R and others in MP light helo fun :wink:


This does look promising! Impressive visuals!

Yep, I don’t think it’s going to be earth-shattering, just a nice helo arcade game. As it is multiplayer only (at this stage of early development), I was just keen to try it out with others. For the price it might be worth a go?

How’s the vortex ring state? Dissymmetry of lift? Translational lift? Transverse flow effect? Ground effect?

I rarely need more incentive to buy games…LOL…

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Sorry to bring this back to life after so long, but I just noticed this on Steam yesterday - looks a lot of fun - but it says it was released on 12th October. Baffled.

I think it just got released out of early-acces.

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Ah thanks - worth picking up, then? Do you guys still play it or was it quick to land on the shelf?

RPS’ Flare Path talks about it. Kinda has me sold on it:

Thread resurrection!

This was in my wishlist for a long time, humble bundle has it on sale and I picked it up. Fun little arcade game but is seems to be very sparsely populated. Got into some tier 1 battles it was either 3 of us vs the AI only (easy win) or me solo against 3 other people (that battle ended fast!). Maybe that will change if i move up the tiers.

In any case the future of the game is in question since the IP has been bought by another company:

Klabater Purchase of Heliborne

Later this year, Klabater plans to develop and release Heliborne: The Definitive Edition, fully re-mastered, taking into account the expectations of the community and with new content, a new version of the game. The company will soon communicate the exact scope of work and content of the new game edition. A fully dedicated production team works on these improvements. At the same time, the porting department at Klabater, together with the development team, has been working on releasing the game on console platforms – PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

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