Helicopters Video Thread



I guess that’s what all the bored loach pilots went to do after Nam was all over and done with and ordinary helicopter ops just had too large safety margins for them to stay awake…


If this doesn’t get you slightly sweaty palmed…you are a braver man than I. The 5 minute mark had me perched forward on my chair…


Oh man… There’s a lot of half sentences and imperatives the one always hope no to hear while flying… Wheew. That’s one cool crew there.


Eric looks in mirror. He says, “After watching that can you really call yourself a ‘pilot’?” Without answering he shakes his lowered head meekly and returns to the computer and pretends.

Not only was that a humiliating display of airmanship, it was one of the best examples of quality CRM I have seen in a video.


Yes…and that is complete trust in each other…pretty amazing video.


Mad respect for those guys. Awesome!!!


Great flying there!
Was just yesterday practicing some off airfield landings to some tight spots. It can be prety intense even without the rescue part, fire and smoke, and bingo fuel.

I was curious what helo they fly and it is Agusta AW139, nice


edit: This was before the fire in the video by the way.


For the love of God DON’T look it up! But my 2 Yr old boy is obsessed with a YouTube children’s entertainer by the name of BLIPPI. His videos and kids songs get stuck in my head and my boy watches them on a continuous loop it seems.

However my attention was peaked when from the kitchen I heard the L A fire department air operations helicopter…

Now this blippi character did a fairly (for his age demographic) In depth walkaround of the agusta 139 fire helicopter. I’d never seen these before and I have to say what an awesome looking machine it is. It seems it can do any job. Even has a 750 gallon (maybe bigger I can’t remember) dump tank underneath.

I won’t subject you to the song he sings as it an ear worm and like Chinese water torture…

16.40 ish for the song if you really must do it to yourself


Pretty cool video from November fires. Really exciting to watch.


Posted in the helicopter thread because this contraption is on par with the ridiculous concept of helicopters. I mean…what could go wrong??


All I can see is dolphins shaking their heads in disgust…


That is two thirds awesome and two thirds insanely stupid lol.


Mk2 version ought to include a windscreen wiper!


Wrong thread… This shoud go to Elite Dangerous ! :smiley:


A log through the windscreen would make for a really bad day…



This…seems like a bad idea…


Seems like a bad idea to even be that close to someone implementing a bad idea. Those spinning parts like to go off on tangents.


No seems to it. It is definitely a bad idea. If they keep doing it there WILL be an an accident, actually a purpose since the act is stupidly deliberate. Just depends how lucky they are that day as to how catastrophic it is.



:rofl: You could pretty much caption 50% of the videos posted to YouTube with that line…