Helicopters Video Thread


Remember that 747 that taxied into the office building because he turned onto a wrong taxi way?




You can never 100% trust a line guy marshaling you in either. It just goes to show that no flight is over until you are in the chocks with the engine(s) shut down.


Yeah, but you know that, so you adapt.
The thing I see happening in that Helo crash is the equivalent of you knowing that fuel truck is always parked at a safe distance. Then one day, it isn’t. And it happened to be raining that day. Sometimes, that’s all it takes…


I know! How hard can it be? «Pull the wing»!
Half of them seems to mean that flapping their arms means taxi towards them, and the other half means taxi forward. And pleeease, use wands at night!
I have marshalled my fair share of fighters, back in the day. If the nosewheel wasn’t parked on the mark, I would get an earful! :slight_smile:


Who needs a marshaller? you stop when the airbridge hits the wing don’t you ?


Not a video but interesting nonetheless:




Thought I’d this one – found it when looking up some UH-72 info:

Yes, technically a model, but still!


Shoulda checked related videos too, cuz I just found my next car…


BTW, @TheAlmightySnark’s post above titled “Another Stupid Pilot Trick” is actually a pretty good read. And honestly the accident his post is much more understandable to me than the police one a few posts above. I saw a couple of crashes last year and decided to read everything I can about the decision process post-accident. Surviving is one thing. Managing the next few minutes properly is quite another.


NEVER check related videos. If so, see you at sunrise…!


How do you think I got through life working for the gov’t?! :smile:


It’s against the rules of this forum to post fatal crashes. The video is not at all disturbing. The crash happened yesterday on the East River killing all five with only the pilot surviving. To me it looked like a well-flown autorotation and the AS350 seemed to have emergency floatation. But I don’t know enough about the system to tell if it was deployed and the quality of the video is not great.

New York Times


Quite a sad story. I can’t imagine the guilt is going to eat up the pilot…


I read on the news this morning, that the pilot said a passengers bag may have hit the fuel shut off. It would appear to me that the victims drowned. A terrible situation no doubt.

Before we were allowed ride on Helos over the ocean, we were put through a “Helo Dunker” where you practiced escaping a bird that had capsized in the water. A giant mock up of a CH-46 (I think I cant really remember) was lowered into a pool and it flipped over under water. Even knowing it was happening and being prepared, it was rather difficult to escape from when you are fully strapped in and not real familiar with the safety harness.


Yep, me too - and for someone who’s greatest injury has been a broken fingernail on an especially nasty keyboard one time, it was quite the dunk… Helicopters


thats a very similar process, interesting. We did the “night” one also, we had blacked out goggles on.


You see, that’s just plain smarter. My version (and this was 15 years ago now) just turned off all the lights and gave the safety divers flashlights. I’d prefer yours because I’d probably trust the guys/girls on the window seats a bit more as well. A lot of the guys on my course couldn’t even swim.

As I boarded the helicopter in a cold day in January, headed for a platform in the North Sea off the coast of Norway, I heard someone ask ‘How long would we be ok in the water with these survival suits?’. The crewman’s answer was just a long laugh. :snowman_with_snow:


Cool video of a Blackhawk pre-flight


Agusta A129s over Iraq years ago.