Hi just saying hello

Dont know what to say about this Flight sim hobby anymore?

We all have differing opinions and that’s for sure, Lots of bugs in lots of sims and it seems to me when genuine bug mentions are mentioned, a new breed of critic come up and say its all good and in certain forums you had best not say a thing negative for fear of being banned.

Totally Ludicrous state of affairs is that … it really is :frowning:

But Thats the status quo these days and you have to almost pretend to like the current situation, just to get on in forums. Not my Style.

Feedback should be a two way street.

I dont mean to come back to whine and moan though, still love my Flight Simulation stuff and Scale Modelling too.

This is a very good Simulation site, probably the best.

More into my guitars these days though and Live music after all this Covid lock down crappola


Regardless of all that flightsim stuff, its nice to see you @B12! Thought you had gone and left us.

I’m glad thats not the case and you are enjoying your freedom after being locked down so long. You deserve to enjoy it after that!

My wife and I went to see The Midnight last night in london, our first post Covid gig and had a blast. Although we are now stuck in traffic 20 mins from our house due to an accident. So close.

Anyway, hope you are ok and stay in touch dude



Cheers, welcome back mate! Good to read you’re ok and out and about :smiley:


Hey, @B12!
I missed you! I really did.
There sure are different opinions around. And there sure are bugs.
We deal with this in different ways, I guess.
Glad to see you on here again!


Hi B12,
Welcome back to see you again. I understand your feelings, but that is the way of modern times :smiley:
If you add that with fanboys, fragile minds, stubborn, devs that hates to be pointed that they failed somewhere, etc etc etc, its easy you get banned. Also, as outside internet, many times the “democracy” is you are free to have the same common opinion or you are a radical that needs to be negated. So in many foruns if you point a valid bug you are a “terrorist” or if you have a different taste you are a weird “tyrant”.
So, I know your frustration but i already get used of it, sadly alone, we can’t change the world. So its living with it.

Sometimes to relief that feelings is good to have some friends that share the same hobbies and with livechat, private messages etc talk and share that.

Don’t give up, and continue with your great hobbies (flight sims and scale moddeling) by the way, the scale moddeling sometimes we have some disgusting bugs where the left side of an aircraft not match the right one, or when some big details are wrong or lacked :smiley:

So, i wish you all the best and feel free to anytime contact me and talk whatever you want about bugs, issues on softwares etc, maybe some we can get a walkaround or some fixes.
Have fun buddy!


I think a healthy attitude is to not approach a forum as a free speech space. Forums are primarily held by companies or private entities and they have every right to censor you for whatever purpose they see fit. If a company tries to suppress criticism, that may be somewhat frustrating for their userbase but it is 100% within their rights to defend their business interests. As a customer, you don’t have the right to tell them that their product is **** on a platform that they own and provide, but they may grant you the right to do so, which they can also revoke at any time. It is their space to do business in and what that means is up to their definition.


I do agree with the entirety of your post, @sobek

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Yes, I see people misuse the term “censorship” all too often.

There is also the mistaken belief that speech should also be consequence-free, allowed to say whatever you want but not to have to deal with any repercussions from it.

You have the right to say what you want about your neighbor, but you don’t have the right to scream it in their face after barging into their home, in front of their children, and then expect to walk away and only have people’s opinions about your neighbor change but not of you.


Very well said!

This. DCS is pretty much my only thing anymore but, like most things in life, it ain’t perfect…I don’t know if I could define perfect, even for me.

Flight sims, esp. detailed combat flight sims, are so niche; there’s nothing that I know of like a common engine (‘Unreal’ for example) to mass-produce them, relatively speaking.

Thank goodness for the scripting engine. It’s my new ‘hobby’ now and it has it’s own frustrations to be sure. But at least I have a chance to create something closer to my vision of a perfect combat flight sim; if X-feature isn’t good or I feel it’s lacking, I can do something about it myself. Just wish I was more talented :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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