Honeycomb / Aerosoft partnership...

San Diego, CA / Paderborn – November 3rd, 2017 – Honeycomb Aeronautical, a snakebyte® group
brand, and Aerosoft, an established publisher of simulation software, announced today a partnership
which will see the new range of Honeycomb Aeronautical™ flight-simulation products being
distributed exclusively via Aerosoft throughout Europe.

Announced earlier in the year, Honeycomb Aeronautical is a new brand of professional grade
simulation hardware, designed and developed by pilots and flight engineers in California, USA.
Honeycomb Aeronautical has engineered its range using genuine aerospace components and the
same internal mechanics used in premium certified simulators approved by the FAA for flight training

The first products in the range include the Yoke and Switch Panel and the Bravo Throttle System
with Auto Pilot & Annunciator Panel, both of which are high-end modular components which
integrate seamlessly with other brands of flight simulation hardware, offering a simple way for
enthusiasts to enhance their system without worrying about compatibility issues.

Under the new agreement, Aerosoft will handle sales for all products in the range, distributing the
products across the Pan-European region. As well as selling via standard online and retail channels,
Honeycomb products are expected to be sold via the Aerosoft website which is popular in the
simulation community and enjoys a loyal following of enthusiasts. In addition, Aerosoft will be
handling customer support, and technical service on behalf of Honeycomb, assisting enthusiasts with
the high levels of support the community demands.

“Aerosoft are the go-to name in simulation software, established for their range of market-leading
products, and plug-in packs for Microsoft Flight Simulation. Partnering with Aerosoft allows us to
integrate with the simulation community, ensuring that our Honeycomb products are widely
available via the channels we know the community engages with,” said Nicki Repenning, CEO of
snakebyte USA. “Today’s announcement is more than a sales agreement. We’re offering a one-stop
service for the flight community, allowing enthusiasts to purchase our hardware via established
channels as well as receive the highest levels of service and support that the community demands.
We’re excited to be working with Aerosoft and have high expectations for our Honeycomb range.”

“Providing the customer with not only the simulation but with a complete package including
hardware and after sales services is important to us. High quality has always been our focus.
Therefore, we are very much looking forward to adding the Honeycomb Aeronautical series to our
programme and to a great partnership with Honeycomb.” said Sascha Baumhoer, CEO of the
Aerosoft GmbH.

The new range of Honeycomb Aeronautical products are expected to be available from Q1 2018.