Honeycomb Alpha problemettes

Its no real worries but something I wanted to share with my friends that might avoid problems going ahead.

Its a great Yoke IMHO, very robust and great value for money too. It has some weak points though, there were story’s of the supplied base to Yoke little coiled cable being too rigid and some users found using the yoke to the extremes, damaged the connections at yoke base its a simple fix though and can be seen in my pics end of this post.

The USB C connection at back of Yoke base is a bit flakey too, it was never solid from day one, never been a fan of USB C connections, for phones and small devices, yes, but a Yoke?

Anyways, My Yoke is used a lot, so a lot of lifting on and off desk and that means some wear and tear on that USB C connection over time (my Honeycomb Bravo is permanently plugged in and no worries) so my USB C connection was getting flakier over time, seen a few of these problems on reddit etc and was borderline ordering myself a new one, mine must be out of warranty and I never wanted that usual jump through hoop hassle LOL.

Yesterday and plugging my Yoke in, it just flat out stopped working :frowning:

Figured it was the already loose back USB C connection though and what I did was trim some rubber off a good quality cable so only the plug in part was available and longer, that did the trick, that made the connection, Yoke is brand new again.

This cable stays in the Yoke forever now.

Hope this is self explanatory, below is before, above is after peeling cutting back, its a much much better connection now.


For a slightly less permanent and bit more flexible solution, these are pretty good. If a little pricey (not compared to a replacement port though)


I’ve seen USB-C cables go bad rather quickly. Like in a few weeks of people using them to connect a notebook to a monitor once or twice a day.

It was always the cable going bad, never the socket it plugs into.

My takeaway: Good quality is important so no point in getting cheap ones.


As a Alpha owner, I thank you.

What the heck kind of cable is this? …

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Elby, its just a very short (The shortest I could find) Ethernet cable which I believe is all the supplied Honeycomb small coiled rigid cable is?, My replacement here is soft and pliable, and I used a cable tie to keep its slightly longer than needed length from dangling down … it works perfectly with no pressure or stress on the Yoke horn grip or the body connection points.

I bought it off Ebay or Amazon? very cheap.

Love the Yoke still, was flying with it a few hours this afternoon.

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Oh, very cool! That makes it easy. I thought it looked like some kind of telephone type cable like an RJ-45 or something.

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