Honeycomb Bravo throttle issues

I hope someone can help out here, really quite stuck.

Situation is, Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quad, still in demand I think and short supply? was in a batch of early orders on Amazon, got my Alpha Yoke from same dealer, notes on my order, he cant do the Bravo anymore, something like that. Went looking on EBay and scalpers were selling for much more, just like scalpers did with CPU and GPU recently … so scored one at £500 + when it should be £350 in more normal times, fair play.

However, and for the life of me, the first two levers on the quad will not calibrate properly for me in any sim I own, going to control panel in win 10, all other axis work smoothly, but first two axis on my quad, it does nothing in axis in first quarter travel then jumps to smoothness again for travel.

As an experiment and also owning another good PC build, an Intel chipset one this time, in Win 10 it calibrates perfectly … so there is obviously nothing wrong with my Honeycomb Quad … updated Motherboard to latest bios, chipset drivers ETC, there was a new Win 10 update this week too.

can provide a vid if needed.

My current Win 10 install might be borked … hope not

Any idea’s?

Not sure @B12 - I see with a bit of googling that a few others have the same issue:

It seems like they opened tickets at Honeycomb for help.

Other than that, all I can think of if it’s USB then worth trying a different port, a powered hub etc, as that shouldn’t help but often does. Good luck, as those Bravo units look nice.

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FWIW, I had trouble with my Saitek X-55 HOTAS until I used a powered USB hub.
Same as FF suggested. May be worth a try.

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Thanks FearlessFrog, followed your reddit link and saw same situation as mine … basically resetting Windows calibration for that unit, the Honeycomb Bravo quad, and then not calibrating it …it worked!! Chuffed to bits, had been chasing ghost fixes on this for weeks now … LOL

Copy paste … from your reddit link

I had a similar issue.

The left-most axis (Joystick L - Axis Y), was not moving smoothly. It was jumping from “zero” to about “50%” with a slight nudge and then from 50% to 100% it moved smoothly. This happened when a throttle was assigned to it in both MSFS2020 and P3D.
I solved it by going to the calibration panel in Windows (I have Win10) and I “reset to default” this joystick (the Bravo). I didn’t calibrate it after that. Just left it alone.

That solved my issue.
Hopefully this helps …

End copy paste

I’ve no idea how it got into that state? have multiple controllers on same machine that still work perfectly, and know not to use Win 10 calibration on them … but the important thing is, its working now on all axis for the Honeycomb Bravo yoke … I’m delighted, thanks so much, was considering a format almost :slight_smile:



Hey there, @B12!
Glad you got it sorted.
I know that VPC, for instance, don’t recommend calibrating their controllers in Windows Game Controllers either.

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Hey bud, good to see you post again! Glad you got your kit sorted as well. You ok?


welcome back @B12, nice to see you :blush:

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Thanks Pal :+1:

OK here … mostly, thanks all :slight_smile:

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Hi Schurem, good thanks

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