Hope I made a good long-term decision on cpu

So bought a new rig for the first time in 12 years. I was all set to get the 8700k but ended up getting the 2700X. It was a little cheaper but I’m hoping that with the possibility of sims using multiple cores as well as the chance to upgrade the processor one more time with the mobo that I’m not going to be full of regrets.

Mostly will be used for DCS and X Plane with likely some time spent in IL2 BOX - eventually all in VR I hope. I suspect that I wouldn’t be so neurotic about this had I just stayed with my original 8700k idea.

All the specs:
Ryzen 7 2700X
Asus Crosshair VII Hero
G.Skill Trident 64GB
Corsair (of course) 1000D case
Corsair HX850i psu
Noctua NH-D15S cooler
Samsung 970 Pro M.2 512GB (for OS mainly)
Samsung 860 Evo 4TB
Asus Strix 1080ti

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Hey Corsair, I need to send you a $200 Bass Pro Shops gift certificate. Could you PM your address to me please?

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looks like a monster set up. have fun!

Oh wow! It’s… heywaitaminute

So (it’s too late now) but I’m going to be okay with the cpu, right? Through periods of frantic reading I think I’m okay for DCS and X Plane. The 8700K would probably be better in the short-term but I can upgrade the cpu to the next generation anyway with this board and then it should be better than 7800K. That’s my logic anyway.

Either way, this should handle those titles quite well, yes?

I don’t really know the Ryzen stuff very well.

I think @SkateZilla knows a lot about the AMD side of things though, so maybe he can chime in?

I mean it benchmarks well, so looks good?


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So, I literally want to rob you for that awesome system. Could I make myself more clear? :slight_smile: Is UPS delivering that stuff?

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All joking aside, when you get her set up run this benchmark and post the results … http://www.userbenchmark.com/

Thanks Linebacker it did help a lot.

Just a little crazy at the moment because it wasn’t what I was planning to do from the beginning and now I’m on a bit of an emotional/logical roller coaster because I changed course at the last moment.

Ordered it Friday from a custom shop and will pick it up when they’ve built/tested it (likely this Friday). At least they are both into X Plane so they know what to optimize (I hope).

Thanks everybody. Would not have been so unsure if I had just “stuck to the plan”.

To be honest, pretty much any CPU in the $200+ range today is “good enough”. None of the sims tax them enough to make them a bottleneck. The video card? That’s the pacing item.

You went with a 1080Ti, can’t do better with an nvidia card, so you’re set. I think the 4TB SSD is overkill, especially if you’re focused on DCS, XP, and Il-2, so you could’ve saved there, but the CPU is fine.

I have a 512GB SSD that has my OS and DCS on it, and a 1TB SSD that has Il-2 and a dozen other games on it (all bigger than Il-2 which is tiny compared to DCS) and I still have hundreds of GB free. Then I have a 1TB HDD for storage of media and mods and things (not 12TB!! :astonished: ) and it’s only half full.

Oh, and I get by with 16GB just fine, never even got close to maxing it, I think I’ve seen it use up to 70% once or twice. DCS and Il-2 just don’t need that much RAM.

The ONLY thing that could happen is from time to time something comes out that isn’t “AMD friendly” and people will get stuttering or other unexplained poor performance that turns out to be bad optimization by the developers. Since your primary titles are all existing for years now, though, that won’t happen.


The Ryzen 2xxx Series and Threadripper 2000 Series benchmark very well, and perform very well

The Ryzen /ThreadRipper 1000 Series as well.

AMD learned from their mistakes, the Abysmal performance of the FX Series is long gone.

The 1000 Series Traded Blows w/ Intel’s Latest, and the 2000 Series Does as well,

No CPU will ever win 100% of the benchmarks,
AMD Ryzen is Very Good at Multi-Threading and Shines in Systems w/ alot of PCIe Devices.


Thanks everybody. After a lot of thought I called the place putting my system together and got them to change the board and cpu to what I wanted originally - 7800K and Asus Maximus Code. They had sort of swayed me to Ryzen but in the end, the sims I will use won’t take advantage of Ryzen any time soon I think. So I’m going with the known of Intel.

A lot of this is psychological/emotional but I think I would just blame any perceived shortcoming on the processor (which probably is wrong) but at least with the Intel the choice was my original choice.

I should have just stuck to my guns in the first place and saved everybody the trouble.

I think you have made a wise decision. I run the 8600k at 5 GHz and it pushes my 1080 to 98% usage

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Nice, Really nice :sunglasses:

Corsair Obsidian 1000
Dimensions (H x W x D)
27.44" x 12.09" x 27.28"
65.05 lbs. :open_mouth:
Question did this tweak your choice of Case, two full pcs in one case?

Yes and no. I may put another computer in there at some point – but maybe not. The biggest reason was the esthetics. But I think what sealed the deal was the number of drive cages – especially 3.5s. My intention is to do a lot of ortho for Xplane and I suspect that over time I’m going to be collecting a few of the 3.5 HDDs. And it will hold them in the same box, out of the airflow on the cable side.

The other reason is I’m sure I’ll want to update the video card – and I’m very clumsy. Having lots of elbow room (literally elbow room – both of them) I think will make me feel better should I decide to dive in there.