How important will VRAM be soon(ish)?

The reason I being this up is because of reading reports of DCS gobbling up 15GB of VRAM on a 3090.

With the insane prices of GPU’s you can find deals where oddly the price difference between a 3090 and a 3080ti isn’t very large.

The most difining factor of the 3090 is that it has twice the amount of VRAM of the 3080ti. Otherwise the two are VERY close in terms of raw performance.

So, how important do you expect VRAM to be(come) in the near future? Or do you think tech like texture streaming optimization will not require GPU’s to have big chunks of VRAM yet?

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I don’t expect anything, really.
But software and hardware requirements seem to follow the Bigger-Better-Faster-More school of thought.

FWIW, I bought a 3090.


From what I understand of it, DCS “allocates” all the VRAM it can get.

This means it is claimed/reserved for the DCS application, but does not mean it is actually used.

AFAIK, this is typically the “amount of VRAM in use” that is measured, because it is easy to measure.

How much VRAM is actually used is much more difficult to measure, and how much is needed really requires a performance comparison.

So I would not be too worried about people claiming DCS uses X amount of VRAM. You can only be sure the VRAM is needed when someone with a similar CPU - RAM - GPU but more VRAM gets a higher framerate, while yours tanks when setting textures to high.

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Higher resolutions keep driving the demand for vRAM. Streaming textures has its limits. In a sim like DCS, where you can pan your viewport over vast areas in fractions of a second, trying to predict which textures you will need the next few seconds is completely futile, which is why DCS has such a huge footprint.


Sure, but the 3000 series are good performers at 4K already it seems, so the question is if the VRAM push will be a thing for this generation of cards already or perhaps more of a thing 5 years down the line. At which point many users will have started looking at a GPU upgrade regardless.

Besides, I feel the speed gap between RAM, VRAM and SSD is been bridged pretty well, so is there truely a benefit to high amount of VRAM?

I am no expert, obviously. :slight_smile:

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My DCS has used 20 GB of Vram at times. I would rather have it than not and why I went for a 3090. I don’t know if it makes a difference in real gaming but it can’t hurt

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I’ not sure where you get this from. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well the whole bus architecture provides for much more bandwidth overall in data transfer between components.
So a bottlenecking issue is much less prevalent in high end configs these days.
Not saying the data rate is the same.