HQ Trivia

So, mentioned this while playing R6 tonight and @saghen wanted the link, so …

Trivia app. Generally two quizzes per day, 3pm EDT and 9pm EDT. You answer all 12 questions (usually 12) and you can win real cash. Prize is shared by everyone who is successful. Normally prize is $5k. Sunday night at 9 is $25K most weeks. Cash out to paypal. It’s been a glitchy mess tonight with 3/4 of the contestants getting kicked at Q1 even though they answer correctly… but that’s pretty rare. We’re waiting for the third try as I speak.

If you do join, I’d appreciate you clicking on the … beside your name on the main screen and using my name as a referral code… rhinosaurus03

Gives me a “try again” heart, and I believe you get one too.