?huh what hmmmm?

Where am I …

Its a dream… and while we are discussing it, why are you dreaming about talking to me?

The category doesn’t exist, which is why we don’t acknowledge it exists. Or something.

Harambe Mudspike Chat existed and enjoyed being acknowledged…

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Its not very chatty today

I will start off. Chat forums… chitty chitty chat chat chat

Funny things that usually never happen to me but today it did:

As I was travelling on the highway me and a colleague stopped to get a coffee.
Well, it never happens to me but this young lady has been eyeing me.
I only has a suspicion at first- as I said this never happens to me.
Eventually, though, she approached to ask me if I smoked.
At my negative answer ( I do not smoke since- well a lot) I could visibly see that she wanted to keep talking to me but could come up with nothing on the spot, and noticing I was about to collect my order at the bar she just smiled goodbye.
I couldn’t help but realise that she kept eyes on me all the time.

As I left I glanced at her one last time just for a confirm and- yep- she winked at me.
As I put on my ray ban I wore my best self confidence smile and walked off knowing I’m not that bad after all.

:smiley: Count me a happy man today.