Hunahpu's Day (craft beer)

Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing releases what has been typically rated as the best craft beer in the world, one day a year. It is so popular that they have created a festival around it…which would be where I’m heading right now. Info.

Craft beer aficionados pay ~ $350 for a festival ticket and 8 bottles of Hunahpu. Many other craft breweries are involved, and so along with your take home bottles of said #1 brew, you can sample their offerings all day during the festival. The catch is that it sells out very quickly, a matter of minutes I’m told.

Anyway, it’s somewhat of a business trip for me, having invested in a brewery, and equally as important, gets me a hall pass away from dad/husband responsibilities for the weekend.

If anyone is interested, I might do an AAR. Or not. I know that the modern fighter pilot is more likely to hit the gym than the O club after work these days. That’s probably for the better, but on the other hand, finding balance in all things has some merit.


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