Hurricane Dorian

Looks like the Southeast is in for it one way or the other…best of luck to all of you in the path. Still lots of changes that can happen to that track of course.


Ugg, I am so glad my brother retired from NASA and moved to Charlotte. To any of you down there, best of luck.

Hoping @chipwich has room upstairs where that couch went to put some other things… :wink: In a couple days I might try to get my brother and his family down in Myrtle Beach to head my way perhaps depending on how the track goes. Looks pretty impressive this evening though, that eye really solidified… Down to 946mb according to the last hurricane hunter pass…

Video of how Dorian cleaned up over the course of the day:

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So when we were home shopping, we purposely avoided areas that are prone to hurricane flooding. Sounds like a simple task, but living near the ocean is definitely inviting. We do live a couple hundreds meters from a large creek that has an inlet into the Wando river a couple of miles to the SE. But the storm surge would need to pretty much put Charleston completely under water a while before it reached us. I will fill some fuel tanks tomorrow.


Fingers crossed that the governor won’t call for an evacuation :grimacing:


Push comes to shove you are always welcome to come up to Kings Mountain. If my brother and family come (4 of them total) it’ll be a tight squeeze, but we can always just make the kids camp in the living room. LOL… That drive out I-26 can suck during evacuations…as you know, they usually go contra-flow and make all lanes go northwest…

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Just get a bunch of VR headsets and it will seem like there is plenty of room! :wink:


You gonna have to run your boat up a river and tie it off or you think it will swing far enough northeast to miss you?

Y’all stay safe over there!

Looks like it is going to be a rough one. I feel pretty lucky to live near Austin, Texas at times like this.

With the hurricane path now predicted to affect every major population center on the southeast coast, I’m wondering if there really is a hurricane out there or is this a clever ploy by Home Depot to boost sales…


The yacht club is situated on the Hampton River. The piers are all concrete floating piers with about 15 ft of height above mean low tide. Each berth is designed to minimize storm damage (if you pull your boat in bow first, which I do).

The concern will be wind. After each sail, I remove my jib, and de-rig the jib sheets and blocks, main sheet and blocks, boom vang and Cunningham. (It takes a bit longer but really saves on the condition of the lines.)

If the winds are looking to be too high I’ll pull off the main sail off the boom and store it below. I’ll also take a line and secure the rudder by timing off the wheel. I may double-up my mooring lines…will have to see how it looks on Wednesday.

I would actually like to see it a bit closer by Wednesday afternoon so we might get some good winds for the Wednesday evening sail race.

Note: For those Mudspikers not as familiar with the geography of this area, on the map above, Hampton is located just above the border between NC and VA, at the southern tip of what is called the Virginia Peninsula.


So with a storm coming from the southwest, we should not get the kind of tidal surge we would if the storm came from the east or especially northeast.


The track right now shows Dorian heading straight for the house that I have owned for less than 3 weeks. Welcome to the neighborhood :smile:. Having flashbacks of the Blues Brothers movie when they asked how often the elevated train came by and were told, “So often you won’t even notice it.”

I haven’t even unpacked my rig since the painters are here. Listening to Kevin Miller’s latest, Fight Fight, is not helping. Motha forker.


Well…I for one can tell you our local ABC store was packed today…haha…I was stocking up…

All vehicles and Yamaha generator are topped off. TBH, if school closes by Tues next week, we’ll probably just head up the road to Atlanta. Lots of chances for this thing to make its own track before then though.


I haven’t posted in awhile… because we’re busy moving from Colorado to Wilmington, NC area. My house is under construction right now with completion date in October. I was hoping since Florence hit the area last year that we’d get this year off. So much for that! :sweat_smile:


Oh this brings back memories.

If I wasn’t sidelined with an injury this year, I’d potentially be heading to New Bern Friday afternoon for the MS Ride- we were there a week before downtown was under water after Florence passed through, and it was absolutely heartbreaking to see.

Let me know when you’re looking to get there- I’ll be there end of October for a conference anyway. Fingers crossed the storm misses the city this time- a mentor of mine just finished repairs on his house, and ditto for the Visitor’s Center for the battleship.

Please stay safe, all of you guys on the coast.

Abaco and Grand Bahama are looking down the barrel of a howitzer man…

I see that they have upgraded it to a Cat 5 . That’s not good. :anguished: