I found ya'll.


Chunx was fast. I got the impression that he enjoyed sim racing more than his Hornet. :smile:


That looks like after I stopped racing due to becoming a dad. This is more my time: 2007
See @guod @adlabs6 @GrimDeath @JediMaster


I remember racing Lime Rock but I really have no memory of what happened afterwards and why I was unable to keep going.
Seeing those names brings back a lot of other memories, though.


I think that you must have had either hardware failure or a real life conflict, because you were a DNS for race 2. You certainly had the speed in race 1.


Hi kids and fellow old geezers.

Sim racing has become so fragmented now with 6 major titles (so much for the term “wealth of riches”) that I recreated / reenergized /reconstructed SimhqMotorsports.com into a Wordpress site (again) where we report on the different sim racing series SHQM competes in. We also have a Discord server running now so if anyone is interested in sim racing, click on the Discord page at our site and join up.

/ sorry Beach - shameless promotion :slight_smile:


Yep, I remember many of the names from the races I ran in those days. Really jogs the memory looking over those standings charts. Hard to believe it’s been that many years ago.


I had the privilege of meeting him in person quite a few years ago. I was out in California climbing Mt. Whitney. He took me to his house, and then took me over to China Lake to visit his squadron. It was awesome. Even the ride over to the base felt like a race. LOL…smooth is fast…fast is smooth. If I ever need a GTA wheel guy, I’m calling him…


I think I’ve leapt into the second category now. I knew it when my son started hiking my wheels off a couple months ago on a local mountain…

I’d love to find a few moments to do some racing. I really need a desk to mount a wheel to though because my current glass one is really a poor fit for racing.


Hey Doug, good to see you still kicking!

Now, where did I store that wheel…


I too have dwelt in that cave, my friend. At least mine are both girls so there’s less natural competitiveness at work.


True…it’s more like…


Scraping off the mold from this dedthread… You know we could all grab vehicles and drive around a Casacus race course in 2.51. :wink:


now theres a name I havent heard in a long time…


There are many things SimHQ smells like, but I cannot for the life of me say them publicly w/ good manners.


Haha…the great part of that is if anyone falls behind…“LOADER…LOAD SABOT…”



I like this idea…

Or through Vegas in NTTR, or through Dubai once Persian Gulf is here…


This so SO going to turn out something between Wacky Races and Mad max Fury Road…


Go on…


And a guy in a heavily armed Mi-8 doing camera work / referee / spicing up the game with salvoes of S-8 rockets :facepunch:


I see no downside to this idea… closing activity for the next fly in!?