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There is another thing I wanted to add… but I need a written confirmation that y’all are sitting and with an helmet on, 'cause it could really blow some minds.


How much area does an MLRS saturate? :thinking:


Depends on the warhead and type.

The M270 MLRS firing M26 DPICM is designed to completely blanket a 1x1km square.

I might have worked for an artillery guy once…


a square km?! that is a lot! i find that hard to believe. the tonnage of explosives would far exceed one track’s carrying capacity. no way.

anyway, seated, helmet on. bring it @komemiute!


So imagine that. Only twelve of them are firing in about the time it takes to read this sentence, and each rocket carries 7 times the number of sub-munitions you see in that video. They used to call it the grid square eliminator. I bet the UXO footprint is equally spectacular.


Rocket artillery is very impressive. I bore witness to a couple GMLR shots into Ramadi fired from Camp Fallujah.

Rocket hits about 1:40

This video is NSFW for language, but shows you what 1 rocket can do from way downtown. The video looks like its from the unit my battalion RIPed with in 2007. Pretty common practice from the Army those days. Answering a few shots from a sniper with bradleys, tanks, and GMLRS.

We took a different approach, instead inundating the city with boots on the ground and literally clearing city blocks at a time.


DCS: Flaming Guitar?


No, but seriously. You pick a good 3D modeler that makes a weapon shaped as a whole MadMax Fury Road vehicle. Apply it to any “mountpoint” on a HMMVV and have the weapon fire-sound to actually be a loud Riff ripped from the movie.

*BAM *

You got it.


that’ll win some hearts and minds!


Dibs on the Master Blaster pilot model.


>What is danger close?


F*cu Encino Man… (cit.)


It’s not that much, it’s a 30x30m area or a small city block!


Surely the definition of a square km is an area 1km by 1km. A 32m by 32m area would be approx 1000 square metres but that’s not a square km. Or am I wrong?


You are way right, I forgot that it’s a factor of two when you change through value’s… woopsssss…


You see, this crap confuses me too. Which is why I tried to connote a square where each side is 1km in length.

The idea was you blanket a grid square in DPICM, and what ever was there (ideally a sizeable portion a Soviet Motor Rifle Division), was subjected to a significant emotional event that would allow you time to disengage and reorganize.

Against tanks it’ll probably scare the ■■■■ out of the crew, maybe knock of the odd track or engine here or there, but we’ve discussed how hard it is to kill tanks. Against IFVs and lighter? You’re gonna have a bad day.


Which “track” for the big race? Caucasus or Nevada?


Dubai of course!