I have lost all USB input

I turned my PC off last night. This morning I noticed the little blue light that normally indicates Sleep Mode was on. “Hmmm, odd.” I wiggled the mouse and hit the spacebar expecting the backlight on the KB to illuminate indicating the computer is starting to wake. Nothing. I held the power button long enough to power down completely, waited 10 seconds and restarted. The KB backlight flashed normally during boot so I figured all was well. But once windows was fully booted, no input worked. The mouse pointer wouldn’t move, the KB backlight was off, the little light on the Saitek was unlit and the Oculus was dead. Once again, grateful to have the Mac as a backup. Any ideas? Thanks!

Do you use a usb hub or several ports on your mainbord?

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I think I got it. With everything unplugged but the KB and mouse, she works. There is a USB hub but the was the first thing I removed from loop. I think one of the USB3.0 ports might be toast. Thanks for the help!


Could it be the power supply? One of the 5V lines?


This reminds me of my first IT job, where I was a low PC monkey. It was a software company and we had an IBM 360 for development. The operator of that behemoth was a young Southern lady named Tonya. Every now and then it would go down, and I could hear her yell, “It just blew! My DASD strings are blown!”

I’d say, “What happened Tonya?”


I’ve since used that expression many times over the years to describe a number of calamities.


Was my initial impression, power issue to USB port or hub

I thought of this post yesterday as I was driving and listening to the podcast RadioLab. In it they were interviewing an EMT from a small town in Kentucky. He was good-naturedly describing the region and somehow got to a concert where the actor Billy Bob Thornton’s band opened for Hank Williams Jr. He was describing Thornton’s well-known temper. A Hank fan started heckling the band and our storyteller describes the string of obscenities Billy Bob threw at the heckler.

“I mean he called him everything but a sewing machine and a milk-cow!”

I am from deep reneck Virginia and that was a completely new one on me.


3 Things to keep a eye on for sure…

  1. Go out and get you a new 4$ Motherboard CMOS battery. Usually they are a common watch battery like a 3032 or such.

  2. Windows 10 64 bit version 1903 users can be susceptible to a Win 10 Update that can cause some , OR ALL , your USB ports to stop functioning . This can be fixed, but is damn hard to do, and often its just easier to reinstall windows / backup/restore if this turns out to be the case.

  3. This is a worst case scenario and I highly doubt it is the case but , it is possible your Mother Board is on its way to a permanent nap. This is a rare thing for it to go out as you described but not unheard of.