I Need a PC Chair Recommendation

Most office/gaming chairs for PC are rated to 250 lbs. I tip the scales at about 250. The obvious answer here is lose weight however are there any good chairs with a bit higher weigh rate?

Current chair is OK but I cringe when ever I lean back. LOL

Check out dxracer chairs. Best chair I have ever bought. I was having neck issues and this chair completely solved them. Most chairs come with lumbar and neck cushions (maybe all of them do)? They can be a bit pricey but they come in all styles basically. They’ve got a big and tall section in their gaming series that indicates <350lbs supported.

Probably other chairs than those 5 styles too that would serve you (office section etc.)

My chair was cheaper as it isn’t big/tall but it was still $300+ when all was said and done. I don’t regret it for a second though.

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Just FYI these chairs are currently on sale on newegg till 8/8, I’m in a similiar situation, close to that limit, but since my kids insist on sitting on my lap at the computer so, need bigger regardless. Might get one of these myself.

*Edit - So these chairs use BMI instead of weight and I haven’t seen one listed that is any more than a BMI of 30, including their “Big and Tall”. For instance if you’re 6’ tall and 250 lbs that’s a BMI of 33.9, (weight in pounds / (height in inches x height in inches)) x 703

  • second edit - there are some that say higher weights than 250, but recommended BMI is still <30

They list weight limits as well. That may be based on BMI, I didn’t check, but it definitely provides a weight limit on the product features section.

Weight Capacity : <350 lb / 159 kg
Height of Recommended User : <6’5" /1.95 m
BMI of Recommended User : <30

I guess if the calcs are off that’s no good. They’re probably making a distinction between what it can support and what they recommend. My guess would be the weight limit is true, and the height/bmi recommendations are based on the physical dimensions of the chair. I know I definitely took my measurements and compared them to the chair specs before purchasing to make sure I’d fit comfortably. I’m pretty small so I didn’t want a chair I’d drown in.

The chair I got is still a tiny bit big width wise, but otherwise it’s great.

  • as I was checking things I see you added a second edit :slight_smile:
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You know, for the same price as those chairs you could get… http://obutto.com/gaming-cockpits/ozone-gaming-cockpit/

I’ve been looking for a good chair over 250 lbs for months now, I’m starting to think the cockpit idea is actually the best option

Sort of. I mean, the price has gone up lately (I paid between $300-$400 for my chair a few years ago - it’s not even sold at the store I got it anymore, and dxracer sells it for like $700-800 (may be newer model?) now). We’re talking Canadian.

That being said, the base obutto cockpit (single monitor) doesn’t seem like it’s well setup for a yoke. And you’d have to add the joystick mount separately so add another $150. Plus you need the extra monitor mount if you use multiple so another $200. You’re at around $1000 now. Before tax.

That being said, it’s definitely a more complete solution and things would be set up nicely!

Of course, the Volairsim would run me around $800 with all mounts (including tri-monitor - again no convenient dual option). I prefer the volair style, to be honest.My only issue with it is that from the pictures, the yoke/steering wheel looks to be at an awkward height / distance. But that could just be the pictures. I’d need to do more research before buying for sure. Not that I’m buying. Sadly.

edit: I should mention I can still find dxracer chairs at the store I purchased from for about $400, just not the exact one I got. So the cockpit would still be 2x the price.

With all due respect- but ain’t it better to change life regime and try lose some weight?
Not just to save money- but also from a health point of view…

In any case that obutto thinga-majing it’s insanely hot. :open_mouth:


For myself, yes and no. While I certainly have some weight to lose, my healthy weight with say 5% body fat still puts me north of 200 lbs, with the addition of a small child or two on my lap I’d still want a beefier chair :smiley:


At 1.88 Meters tall and at nearly 90 Kilograms (which rounds up to 198 Pounds) I can see that.
I can’t measure my body fat percentage- how that works?

In any case suddently 250 pounds doesn’t sound to bad! :smiley:

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