I need a song recommendation for a slideshow

preferably hair band 80’s or rock now-a-days…

just hosted a US Army Military Police reunion this past weekend in a lake house at lake placid, Florida… it was INSANE, 4 days of drinking and story telling about the old army days and stories… way to many, and too big of pictures to share… but looking to make a slideshow of some of the best… and good song recommendations for this reunion?


Status Quo - in the army now

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Also rocking all over the world by the same band.

…or any other song since they all sound the same…

Anything from AC/DC, Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Hells Bells, TNT etc.

Hair a plenty

Was listening to this yesterday, thought it would be good for a video - King Crimson, THRAK album, B’boom is the song.


Maybe a bit of motley crue,