I think I solved our need for tugs

I wanna see what @Troll can do with a sawzall, a dodge neon, a case of beer, and just enough time to be dangerous…


Love what they did there! Probably saved a ton of money. Regular ground equipment vehicles cost a small fortune!

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And they are just too heavy for a struggling business man to move them on a large flat bed…these dodge neons however…:heart_eyes:


Yeah but at some point you appreciate that your open tug can withstand the elements, like rain. I doubt those chopped up cars enjoyed having a constantly moist interior :wink:

With a few good layers of paint and some silicone in a few spots they should be fine, shouldn’t they?

That, and really the stuff that will go would be the radio/hvac console, and maybe the gauges; neither of which are really that important in to the cars new found purpose

Well seeing as how this was Canada, I’d be surprised to see how well they weathered the winters.

We have noticed a lot of the late 90s and early 2000’s cars that were trundling along still have recently vanished from the roads.

I wonder if there will be little Civic and Corolla airport vehicles zipping around somewhere too!

Have you had a “scrappage scheme’ or 'cash for clunkers” type event? These have decimated the used car market over here and in the states. Perfectly serviceable cheap cars gone forever. It was borderline criminal

Too expensive in maintenance, the salt will eat them up in a winter climate. I wanna bet the frames gave way real quick. I doubt they’d last more then 3 years before they would get really unreliable.

At the end of the article it mentions that they have already been removed from service and replaced with more conventional equipment. :sunglasses:


Yeah, they probably just served as a quick fix. :slight_smile:

Don’t need any program - we have salted roads for months at a time to eat at them. A good car will stay clean for over 10 years but at that age it’s really on borrowed time.

New cars up until the pandemic had extremely cheap financing - to the tune of a few percent at most, up to 96 month loan terms and longer lease options on market.

Used cars are a hot market and the dealers are combining forces to make specialty used car lots. Lease a new car for 2 years, call customer after 1 year and offer them a free upgrade to the new model with a reset lease milage count, get the 1 year old barely used car and sell it as used with a high profit margin.