If you are up for a little Gun Slinging, Turning and Burning

Scramble tonight,
I will have my server up starting 1800 GMT. We will be on Mudspike Discord.
Come to have fun. Its been a while since we have done any Dogfighting.
Version:DCS Open Beta.
name: Maico’s Server
Pass: Thunderdome

See you there !


Modern or props?

Could do a bit of both…

Or Not :neutral_face: :roll_eyes: :sob:

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Sorry @Maico. I’ve been banging my head against the wall on the Tactical Air War server (IL2) ever since I “quit multiplayer air combat”. Obviously my addiction will probably require medical intervention to cure. But in the meantime I can’t walk away from that place. The challenge is as unavoidable as a string to a kitten. I do manage short bouts away. And those go to Star Wars Squadrons where I manage to comport myself passably (when compared to TAW). Also, I am at least 3 updates behind in DCS. This is all to say: I had no excusable reason for not giving your server a go. Be kind to a sick man. :crazy_face:

Thanks for your kind words. Been there, felt that need! I hope youre enjoying yourself. Perhaps I’ll start doing that. I really do love iL2 GB. I’m off for 3 days. I’m sure I’ll find a way to keep busy.

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