If you only had ONE Flight Sim/Aircraft

to chose to fly, what one would it be, and why? What aircraft? I have several that quite honestly I dabble in but, I’d like to focus on one. They’re all good, they’re all fun. But, I’m looking for that ONE, for now. So, what ONE is your favorite?

What kind of sadist would limit you to only one aircraft? :wink:

Anyway. In such a scenario I would choose DCS:MiG-21bis.

It is:

  • fast
  • relatively simple to learn (basically stick & rudder & some switches)
  • challenging to master (negative G, fast takeoff and approach, restrictive weapon deployment parameters, IFR navigaton with steam gauges only)
  • quite versatile (Air-to-Air BVR & WVR, limited Air-to-Ground)
  • beautifully modelled
  • made by Leatherneck Simulations

Hmm…that would be a tough one simply because it isn’t just the aircraft, it’s the content. If DCS World had a dynamic campaign, I’d say that DCS World with the Ka-50 would be my choice. But if we are talking something for replayability and content - I might have to go with the modded Apache in EECH.

If you are into civil flight sims as well the answer isn’t that easy. I am not an expert there but a PMDG 737 NGX in Prepar3D or something similar is probably enough for years. A complex civil jet with lots of stuff to click, in a sim that covers the whole world to fly in.

But here’s the part I know:

In a few months hopefully: DCS F/A-18C Hornet
multi-role, so years of interesting stuff to do. First learn to fly, then A2G then A2A, then carrier ops, and aerial refueling. A complete package of a complex, modern jet, in the best simulation environment available (yes it has its flaws, still better than all others). So many roles to fill, so much stuff to do.

At the moment: DCS:A-10C
Most reasons as a above, minus the A2A stuff and carrier ops.
It still puts almost every plane in every sim to shame.

Although I have to say: The Leatherneck DCS MiG-21bis @miRage mentioned is a great answer to your question as well.

Back in the “day” I flew nothing but Jane’s F/A 18. Alas, with all the Windoz updates… Jane’s F/A 18 is but a fading memory.

DCS With M-2000C I suppose, although I do love the Mig-21, the Mirage is just the new toy to play with!

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I almost wrote that, too, but then I didn’t because despite it being a lot of fun, there is still a lot that isn’t quite working as intended yet.
When finished it will be in the same category though, that’s right.

And the singleplayer campaign will blow you away, trust me on that one.

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I love DCS. It just has the wrong Thunderbolt.


So the MiG 21 is the way to go?

If my hopes are rightfully placed for the next future…
A-6. Always and forever.

I’d basically uninstall everything else beside Elite: Dangerous…

Trouble is, I’d need my very own Tiger…

Who’d volunteer?


DCS World. Not sure which aircraft though. I would have to think on that.

F-111, … if only someone would make one

Now that i said it… you KNOW you want it too

@Bogusheadbox - Well…you could really, really, really use your imagination…


So many fun flightsims… how could you ever choose!

But since it has to be only one, I’d like a Tornado GR4 in DCS, please.

I like WWI. Rise of Flight will likely remain the most enjoyable sim period of my life. I want a sim that expands upon that experience but with a war taking place below. And I still want an idea that got me laughed out of the room at SimHQ years ago: A virtual world where squadron members can interact at within the confines of the aerodrome and walk out to the flight line and actually visually take in the machine you are about to fly. I guess ARMA is about as close to this as any established sim.

Otherwise, Korea. Carrier ops with Cougars would be new.

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Fun fact: When I played Wing Commander and at the same time some FPS (like Jedi Knight) during the 90s I often talked with my friends about how we would love to have something like that, only in a Space Sim. Running around on the carrier and jumping into your space fighter, and having FPS shooting levels on space stations and so on.

Then something similar (although with tanks and such stuff) actually happened, when Operation Flashpoint was released. And we thought: It can’t be long until something does it in space properly.

It took years for something to try it, and without much success then. I even forgot the game’s name. We’ll see if Star Citizen can become this game.
EDIT: Actually there were such games in the 2D era, like “Super Star Wars” IIRC, but those don’t really count.

…but we are going OT I guess.

A lot of responses are WIPs, rumored, or hypothetical. If those are allowed responses, then it would most certainly be an F-15E with multi-crew, PFM, and systems modeling to the level of the DCS A-10C. F/A-18F being a close second.

If we are talking available now, the DCS M-2000C would have to be it, with its BVR, WVR, and mud moving capabilities. The MiG-21bis would also be a very close second place in this category.

For me, the DCS Huey. If I don’t know what to do then I tend to putz around Nevada in it like a dog coming home to its comfy bed. I just like the feel of it.

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