IL-2 Battle of Kuban. Update 3.001

It is finally here!
I downloaded the 2.7 Gb update and took it for a spin.
A lot of features and improvements in the 3 update.
Most noticeably the increase in view distance. From 40km to a whopping 150km!
I also noticed that the sea looked even better than before, with animated waves. Incredibly beautiful!
Well, such graphical improvements come at a cost. I will need to play around in the settings again, to find the sweetspot for my 1080TI and VR…

As far as the view, or horizon, distance goes, I must say that I never found this to be too close. As such, I will probably be very happy at the lowest setting. Especially if it will save me some FPS.

Other news in the 3 update is the career mode. I’m really looking forward to dvelve deep into this…


Horizon distance maxed and i lost no frames. In fact it looks better yet is more solid in framerate on my rig (1070). Lovin it!

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Now that it has the ability to host private servers, I’m interested again. Doubt I’ll be purchasing much until the Pacific theatre.

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Interested in your settings, both in sim and steam VR.
I feel the need, the need, to tweak! :wink:

Pacific has been shelved for an Bodenplatte, AFAIK.

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Confirmed in 3.0? Finally, I’ve been waiting for this since literally day 1 of BoS! :smiley:

My MP flying has been almost all WWI and DCS for years now, ever since 1946 just got too familiar. Glad to have WWII back.

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It has not been shelved for anything, but due to lack of translators and/or funds for competent translations from Japanese.

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More like they put the Pacific on ice, and will do a western front map first. And hope they will be in a better position to do it later.


There have to be some people out there fluent in Japanese who would do it cheap.

Maybe they could reuse some of the stuff from Il-2: PF?

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@Tankerwade has convinced me to give this a whirl, and the sim looks like it’s made some intriguing progress. That I’m still extremely apathetic towards the ETO in general, and pretty steamed about punting on the Pacific.

Yup, apparently you can just create a server in game now. And totally agreed. That and the career mode indicate the game is just turning into RoF on 'roids which is what, I think, most of us wanted anyways. At least it’s what I wanted.

Better late than never!

Yeah, something like that. I’ve played the Bodenplatte scenario and Europe, as a whole, so much I’m pretty burnt out on it. Same with the Eastern front.

Pacific and Med/North Africa will get my attention and probably my custom as well. I felt burned with the way BoS went, but if they were to announce IL-2: Malta where it’s all about the Hal Far Fighter Flight?


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Quite simply, the product vision behind the creation of BoS originally fell short. When Jason took over and redirected the development it corrected a lot of what bugged me about it.

Granted it’s taken till now to actually get there, but I was convinced enough to buy BoM and BoK already before it was done.

My support has finally paid off, after getting BoS on early access, BoM on sale, and preordering BoK. I got the extra planes for each version too.

I didn’t order BoP yet, or the extra planes that don’t come with any particular version (the Ju-52 in Il-2 46 never interested me, frankly), but I think I have plenty right now.


I bought into it big-time when I got the rift and discovered the pre-order il2 BoS I had languishing in my steam library was the dog’s bollocks. I have every red-side plane and a preorder for Bodenplatte.

The new single player is good. Almost as good as I remember the Great Sims of Yore being as games (il-2 already far surpassed them as a simulator).


Would you mind posting your steam VR and IL2 settings? You seem happy with your performance, and I need a guide and comparison… :slight_smile:

Interested as well. I am getting great FPS in my Rift, but terrible shimmer through the prop and gun sight.

Sorry I had some things that needed to be done before I could get back to the thing that matters.
The box contains:

Geforce 1070 8GB on regular clocks (I didnt F with it)
Intel i5 4670 @ 3.2 Ghz
16gb of DDR3 of no particular distinction
A legal copy of win10
Some other bits and bobs and a Rift CV1

SteamVR settings: All the things off. (dashboard off, Async reprojection off, Chaperone bounds off, and it says compositor. Dunno what that means) Running version 1521047233 (beta?)

High preset.
Shadows : medium
Mirror : simple
Distant landscape detail : 2
Horizon draw distance : 150 (F yea baby!)
Landscape filter : sharp
Grass : normal
Clouds : high
Dynamic resolution factor : full
Antialiassing : off
Gamma : 0.8
SSAO : on
HDR : on
Sharpen : on
4k textures : on

Nvidia thingamibob is the latest version, despite dire warnings of past-388 versions bringing doom and destruction. Currently experimenting with pre-rendered frames beyond 1. Otherwise its set for performance mostly.

I do have to admit I am not very demanding. A more or less steady 45 frames a sec is enough for me. I can tolerate a hiccup here and there, but lately I dont have to. I also don’t really mind the ‘terrible shimmer through the prop’ and some weird fluttering of the edges of quickly-moving objects. They are imo by-effects of new tech in its 1st generation. Far better still than the pyramid mountains we had only a few generations back!

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How does the 4k textures affect frame rate? I left that option off but added 4x scenery textures

Strangely it helps a lot. Jason himself posted so on the official forum. Perhaps the game otherwise spends far too much time downsizing textures?


There’s also evidently a mod that removes the prop disc. No more prop disc jitters at a slight cost of immersion.