IL-2 moves into Caucasus ! and its looking great !



I hope they add VR support soon!
And…I know I sound like a broken record…I hope they will make a RoF2…!




they are really stepping up the game :slight_smile:


So if the new DCS Normandy map has ‘historical modes’, where things like trains/units either look modern or period-setting (1944 etc) depending on a setting, won’t it be ironic (in the non-morissette way) if the DCS 2.5 Caucuas map also works like that. That way we’ll have two new Caucasus maps being able to be set in 1944 released in a similar timeframe - what are the chances? :slight_smile:


never knew that they gonna have that kinda settings … but it most deff interesting me :heart_eyes:


Ditto. VR support is pretty much mandatory for me. Until then, Il-2 BOS, CLOD, ROF and F4-BMS are all going to sit idle next to DCS.


(VR and a Dynamic Campaign form the Zoot and Dingo in my Quest for the Holy Grail. Thank you,@MBot, for the DC’s in DCS!)


VR Support can not come soon enough IMHO


Was curious where the DCS World and IL2 Kuban map overlap.

From this.

…we very roughly we get this overlayed with DCS Caucaus:

The procedural tech on those examples looks great. It’ll be interesting to compare the Sochi area where the mountains get bigger.

EDIT: Better overall comparison from DCS 1.5.7, with the ‘mountain areas’ of DCS show where the details starts/ends (very roughly)

1.5.7 vs 2.5 Comparison Shots

What an exciting time! Got CoD but haven’t really given that a proper go. I should get Stalingrad soon I suppose.


CoD is so hit and miss with whether you can get it to work. I went through all the steps to get the TeamFusion stuff working and it still crashed on me all the time. I ended up giving up on it, sadly.


just for the record…

IL-2 BOS BOM or BOK are standalone and merged in the same time … sounds funny but i will explain … It means that if u get for example BOM (Battle of Moscow) u will be able to fly the planes in that campaign (list is on il-2’s website) but it doesnt mean u wont be able to fly online on the Stalingrad map or the Kuban, but u wont be able to fly on those maps in singleplayer. all though if u buy them all then u will be able to merge em all togather and fly on every map u have :slight_smile:


So, multiplayer = everyone gets everything. singleplayer = what you buy?


More or less like in Rise of Flight…


exactly :slight_smile:


From Han
"_Hello Everybody,

Another productive week has passed. We achieved a good progress in implementing VR devices support via Open VR API - HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Both devices work in our sim already - visuals work, their parameters are being adjusted and possible performance optimizations are being researched. We used a certain approach to interact with existing user interface in VR environment conveniently. We’ll start beta testing of the VR sub-system in the nearest future and it’s planned to make Open VR support available to public in March.

At the same time, He-111 H-16 and Fw 190 A-5 development is almost finished and we’ll start their beta testing this weekend (they will be released in 2-3 weeks). As we mentioned in our previous Dev Diaries, these planes turned out to be quite interesting. Meanwhile, the next Battle of Kuban planes are entering the development phase - today we can show you our first WIP screenshots of the A-20B bomber. This aircraft is going to be the most expensive in production for us, but it should also be among the most interesting planes_



wish i could get a computer that would support VR xD … well i can im just too cheap when it comes to VR :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s exciting. Very interested in this.


for those who already have il-2 BOS and want BOM you should have 40 % off on BOM :smiley: