I’m hanging for the Airacobra. P-39 has been my favorite since the original IL2 came out


That was superb! So much there. The two things, actually three things I’m really looking forward to are the A-20B (looks like I’m getting back into bombers), cooperative mode in multiplayer and the new single player career mode which looks quite interesting and much more atmospheric. This with DCS and other sims make 2018 a very, very good year. :slight_smile:


New Dev diary. Some great shots of the P-39 liveries.

Edit: I meant P-39 - not enough coffee


+1 :wink:
Looks really cool!
I have always liked the Airacobra.


I drooled a little. Been waiting for the Cobra a long time…


God nekkid planes get me hard.


I guess all these planes will be transferable to Bodenplat and visa verse? If so, this is really going to expand the all the scenarios of matching planes.


Yeah its all the same thing. Flying circus is gonna fold in there too. Fun Times, spads vs yaks and messers…


Ooooh! You’re right! We can finally do Focke vs. Fokkers…! :wink:


Meet the Fokkers? :upside_down_face:


… and those Fokkers were Messerschmitts


It will take a long time to get even close to the plane list we had in the old Il-2 titles. That said, I could do with fewer variants and more unique planes. Switching from a 109E to a G is nice but it’s still a 109.
In other words, I’d rather have one of every major model before getting G2s and G4s and G6s and so on.

The P-38 is a definite good one, even if it’s usage in Europe was relatively minor compared to many of these others, so a mid-war variant of that would be welcomed before I see another Il-2 or 109 or what have you.


We need Mosquitoes so I can replicate the 633 Squadron mission. That was as good as it got in IL2 for me. 10 Mossies loaded for bear, bombing a Heavy Water factory in a fjiord protected by FLAK and once you managed to get your bombs off you had to fly out of the Fjiord by which point some FW190’s where airborne and after blood. Probably one of the most replayed missions by me. Awesome :smiley:
In MP BTW :wink:
Still available
Just need to convert it for MP use


New Dev diary. Oh that bare metal A-20!

and @Troll - they have started porting over the WWI aircraft as well…




Some amazing texture work and screenshots in this Dev update -


Some screenies from the upcoming career mode.


That looks really nice. Here’s the dev blog with some more details:



Has a magnificent “Rise of Flight” taste.
:smiley: I’m happy.