My thoughts as well! :slight_smile:
The prospects of Flying Circus, with a campaign like this, in VR, makes the Troll very happy too!


I like seeing that ! reminds me the days we had on il-2 1946


I’m impatiently await the Career Mode. I really enjoyed it in ROF.


Wait a minute! I want more info on Shepherds Go to the Front! Turn to p. 10 now!!


Nice! Looking forward to it


Friday’s dev update has screens of the P-39 cockpit. Also a tentative release of 2-3 weeks for the massive patch !!!


It’s Coming!!! :slight_smile:


This just in!

Dear pilots!
Master server will be offline for a technical maintenance and an update to version 3.001 on March 14th from 09:00 to 13:00 GMT.




Nobody likes it this much when I take down the forums down for maintenance…


Looking forward to that career mode!


Clearly you need to have a new feature available after maintenance, like recipe-bot or random-topic-wheel…


The last update broke iOS 5 compatibility, so people with ancient iPads have that going for them (as in not being able to browse the forums anymore). I kept that quiet. I guess as they can’t see this, it’s a good plan.

Hmm, I like that idea about recipes bot though… :thinking: :man_cook: :slight_smile:



I am very looking forward to flying the P-39. It and the A-20B are the first tricycle geared planes in the game so it should be fun.

And then complaining about that damn door frame for weeks after should also be fun.

I love quirky planes.


WoooHooo!!! Me coming in to work tomorrow…
Yea…Ah NO!!!


Aww dammit. As glad as I am the patch is gonna hit, I have a very busy day tomorrow. And I do not have a job that allows one to go “frack it, not comin in today”. At least I can set it to download and install while doing the things that cannot be left undone.

really looking forward to the new SP campaign stuff.


This is probably the flight simulator that brought me closer to the true sensation of flight, well, in as far as I believe it to be like in this great ww2 machines, and today it’s about to be a memorable one with the release of the 3.001 update and Kuban…

But recent shift of attention into XP11 with the availability of the SUPERB FF A320 changed my mind completely - I have no time to play air combat :slight_smile:


Looks like its happening today :smile: Really looking forward to the rain effects on the canopy and the new career mode. can’t wait.



Rain is nice, but I’ve gone without it for years in most sims so whatever.
Better SP missions is another matter entirely!


UPD: Master server will be offline till 16:00 GMT.


Its just gone live YAY