2.7 gb download FYI


For me it’s 3.2GB (BoS Steam version).


aye, but you probably get faster download speeds on steam, i would hope. Getting the typical .5 mb/s here (err make that .25). At least it keeps me from rushing to set up all my stuff for a quick flight i really don’t have time for at the moment before picking the kids up from school :smiley:




Well i guess that answers the question “but is there really any benefit to having IL-2 on steam”


Here is the the Producers announcement from Jason as well as the feature list from Han in one post -


We occupy such a small, maybe even shrinking, niche in the far bigger world of gaming. But all the beauty is right here, in flight sims. The teams at my favorite three: Laminar, DCS and most especially IL2 are pushing us ever further into a world as beautiful as the one being simulated. I once doubted that Jason could pull this together. That’s over.


Just did a long flight over the snowy wastes west of Moscow. Looks good. The landscape looks more vivid, and theres more of it, giving it scale. Framerates are sweet as F.

I also got a handfull of tin for shooting five (!) nazi fokkers and a handful of 1000 ruble bills. Every plane now has a named pilot. Weird but also fun to make Max Bucher bail out by sawing off his wing. The game now has a lot more text, stats etc. Reading text is not a fun experience in first gen. VR.

Then I went and shot some twin engine fokkers over the Kuban map in a silver-skinned prototype P-39. sweet. Bam! your wing just disintegrated :sunglasses:


The new Career mode known from Rise of Flight is awesome. Lot more immersion, Gives that '90s flight sims vibe.


Love this update. It adds so much to the game. Great work by the Dev team.



if i was to get involved in IL2, which version should I purchase?


Multiplayer: pick the version with the planes you want to fly (you can fly on any of the maps that the server is running regardless of the version you own)

Singleplayer: combine the plane set choice with the map/time you would like to fly (You are limited to the map you own in career/dogfight singleplayer modes)


So if I buy 1946 on steam for $10, I can play online with the Kuban guys?

Is this similar to Flaming Cliffs on DCS? You get a bunch of planes in one pack?


1946 is not IL2 BoX

1946 is the venerable old grand father of IL2 -ness

This is IL2 BoX -


No wait. This is a different product.
It’s IL2 -Battle of X

where X is the map package that comes with the game.
I got Battle of Stalingrad, but there’s Moscow and Kuban with Operation Bodenplatte incoming.

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Yes, except with each plane package you also get an extra map for Single Player-Campaign.

In Multiplayer you can fly only the planeset you bought but on every map.


Yes, in a way.

IL2 BoX can also be read as Il2 BoS/BoM/BoK for the three different packs or modules.

It is represented on your pc as a client launcher that logs into your account, keeps the game updated, and launches the game. It works almost exactly the same way that Elite Dangerous client launcher does.

The three packs have the same amount of content - 1 map (Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban) and ten planes, five each of Germans and Allies. There are also collector planes that can be purchased that work on any of the maps or servers they are allowed on.

The client will launch the game and because of your log in, you will have access to the content you have purchased. If you buy Stalingrad you will be able to fly on the Stalingrad map and fly the planes in that pack. In multiplayer you can play on any of the maps that the server is running but only the planes you have.

In DCS you buy the plane separately and the map separately, In IL2 BoX you buy in packs that have a map and ten planes.

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Ok, looks like the Kuban planes interest me the most, problem is I’m not seeing it on steam.


If I were to choose purely based on the map, I would get Kuban. But that also closely matches the Caucuses map that you have already in DCS. Pick based on planeset and possibly Career, if that’s your thing, and don’t worry too much about the map. You can hop on an empty server and try any map if you are curious. If you want to fly something purely for the joy of flying, buy the I-16 or a map that includes it.


Why buy through Steam? Not picking on you. That’s a sincere question. Why buy anything on Steam unless it is a product only available through them.