The I-16 is what interests me the most, it was my favorite plane back in the Fighter Ace days!

The reasoning for Steam is purely for the refund capability if I don’t end up liking it. Saved me a few dollars on FSX and FSW.


I believe the new official name is IL-2 Great Battles or something like that.


So get stalingrad on steam and the other things you like/want if the engine appeals to you on their own store. That way you min/max: You get the benefit of steam for demo purposes and updating. They get more of your money to develop new stuffs.

Do you VR? because if you do, you must get the new il2. it is freakin’ awesome to VR.


I’m not sure you can mix Steam and Non-Steam modules (so to call them a name) I’d be cautious…


Yes you can. I pre-ordered the first title (stalingrad?) on steam. Didnt touch that for years because it was dry and I had mostly given up on flight simming. Then they patched VR into it. And I got a rift. And I fell into the rabbit hole.
Next I bought every single bit I could in their webstore. It gets linked to the account you login to the game in. Exactly like elite:dangerous works really.

And now I’m spending every available dime on DCS and Il2 and hardly ever touch any of the games on the computer except those two sims. I’m a born-again flight simmer. Halleluja and clear the chocks!


Couldn’ thave been more clear! Thanks! :smile:
PS: I was mainly worried about DCS-like situation between their store and Steam’s.


Yeah, DCS are (in their distinctive glacial manner) moving towards the same model. The harrier modules’ DRM is the try-out. It would suit them well. It’s a far friendlier model than the old draconian starforce bovine excrement they used. I only tolerate that because DCS to me is like heroin. My joints ache and the world goes shades of gray without it.


The I-16 is tons of fun,especially in VR.The New Moister/Rain effects are pretty cool also.


Can’t wait to try that! There’s new FX for snow too?


Unless something changed, the Steam version requires you to purchase BoS first. Once you have that, BoM and BoK are listed as DLCs. So as long as you want BoS, Steam is fine.

If you want BoM or BoK but not BoS, you will need to go the standalone launcher route.

I got BoS in the early access stage, long before it was on Steam, so I’m locked out of using that now.


Shows the option for the steam key, iirc though once you do that you can only purchase from steam from there on out. If you would rather do that


Have not tried that personally


I have BoS Steam and buy titles through the store no problem. You used to have to convert to Steam keys, but I believe that is automatic now. When your Steam BoS logs in, it knows what you have purchased from the store.


Interesting, there’s been so many different rules for using steam among the flight sims over the years that i’ve been hesitant to push that little button for fear i might screw myself over somehow lol.


So if I own BoS on Steam and I want to get BoK (which isn’t available to buy on Steam) I just buy it on their site, run BoS on Steam and I will get BoK content automatically?




Yes. Buy it on the site with the same login that you use in game. Then check your Steam -> Library -> Downloads to see if there is an update ready. Once it has downloaded, when you login to BoS, you will see at the top right a list of maps that you own. Don’t worry if you don’t see BoK under missions. I don’t think that they are released yet. But the BoK map will be available in Quick Mission configurator.


Thanks chipwich.

Edit: Is Career mode for BoK functional currently?


yes it is


Thanks for the info, I’m tempted to get BoK. Career mode in BoS is awesome.