So, I installed IL-2 on my new computer, and I was surprised to find the ground handling was much more forgiving… Anybody else, noticed this?
I have only tried the Spit, so far.


Yes, although I can’t say when it happened. I do know that compared to the initial BoS release the current ground handling is loads less “What?!?!” and behaves more like you’d expect.


three patches ago iirc.


There is also a big difference between snow and grass. Always good to know when you return to Stalingrad after a month in Kuban.


It certainly is a lot more predictable now.


First Bodenplatte screens released.



That decision to name it “Battle of Bodenplatte”, though. shrug

What’s next? The calamity of the Scheibenwischer? :smile:


Well, the operation that’s being depicted was called like that…


Yes but unlike, say, Kuban, Bodenplatte does not constitute a geographic location. Bodenplatte means floor plate. Would you name an IL-2 series installment depicting the eastern front in 1941 “Battle of Barbarossa”?


You’re not wrong. Just I think that If I read Battle of Ardennes* I would think about something completely different.

Beside “A name is just a name”. :slight_smile:

*Just a name- wasn’t it in Belgium? So… Battle of Waffles?


If they make it, I buy it. :wink:

I agree that Bodenplatte isn’t the sexiest name.
I much prefer the name of the next title, though. «Flying Circus» :heart_eyes:


Agreed, perhaps Battle over the Ardennes would have been more appropriate. Maybe there were copywrite concerns.

It’s probably been mentioned, but this is my favorite read on the subject.


I suppose historically accurate is the best way to go beyond naming it after a theater. As long as it tells me where the maps will largely be and what types of planes to expect, I’m not picky.


right you are. they might as well have named it spiced beerwurst mit gurken and i’d have bought as fast as these old fingers can click.


I think for pure marketing purposes they SHOULD name at least one product that way! Even if it’s an add-on biergarten at Luftwaffe airfields…


At the expense that it sounds nonsensical if you understand German…


zat vas ze Idea mann!


From the IL-2 FB page:

Hello everybody,

The time has come to tell you more about the historical timeframe of Battle of Bodenplatte.

As we said in our previous Dev Blog #192, we’re making all four different seasons for this map. Some might think that we’ll model only 1-2 days of the actual Bodenplatte operation when the Luftwaffe made the all-out attack on the Allied airfields near Brussels and Antwerp. However, our “Battle of” series is much more than that! The Career mode for this new theatre of war will last from September 17th, 1944 to March 28th, 1945 – 188 days of war in total.

Historically, 11 significant engagements took place in this area during the given timeframe. In the Career mode, you’ll see your area of operations, mission types, acting air force units, their home airfields and other details that correspond to the historical data. You’ll be flying in and around many famous operations and battles. Of course, we can’t model every skirmish or battle on the ground, but we will have an exciting Career spanning this later stage of the war when the Allies were fighting their way into Germany.

Operation Market Garden (September 17 – 26, 1944)
Battle of Aachen (October 2 – 21, 1944)
Battle of the Scheldt (October 2 – November 8, 1944)
Operation Queen (November 16 – December 15, 1944)
Operation Watch on the Rhine (December 16 – 25, 1944)
Allied Counter-Offensive (December 26, 1944 – February 7, 1945)
Operation Bodenplatte (January 1, 1945)
Operation Veritable (February 8 – March 10, 1945)
Operation Clarion (February 22 – 23, 1945)
Operation Grenade (February 23 – March 10, 1945)
Operation Plunder (March 23 – 28, 1945)

As said above, we won’t be able to recreate these ground operations in super detail, but the overall situation, mission tasks, home airfields and mission targets will change as they should historically just as you experience with Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban. This, along with the corresponding features of the Career mode like pilot biographies, squadron histories, newspaper articles, videos, squadron rosters, medals and rank progression will create an authentic experience of flying on the Western Front during the late war period. The whole timeframe will be divided into 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: Fighting in Holland (September 17 – October 1, 1944)
Chapter 2: Autumn Offensive (October 2 – December 15, 1944)
Chapter 3: Battle of the Bulge (December 16 – 25, 1944)
Chapter 4: Allied Counter-Offensive (December 26, 1944 – February 7, 1945)
Chapter 5: Battle of the Rhine (February 8 – March 28, 1945)

To create this new theatre of war, a thorough research will be done on where the units of both sides were based, their tasks and what aircraft they used day by day. Two new award systems for the US and Great Britain are to be created from scratch, as well as the late war pilot models for Luftwaffe, RAF and USAAF along with their chutes. The Newspaper articles is a huge task on their own and takes several months to complete. If you’d like to help with this contact Jason. We also plan on making additional mission types for this unique location and timeframe. All in all, this will be a lot of work for us, but progress is already being made. For example, we have finalized the map boundaries and the airfield locations. This map is bigger than we initially planned (the flyable area is 401 x 324 km - it is 129.900 and several compromises will have to be made to make it a reality. It will stretch us to the limit of what is possible in our development schedule, but as with our other maps it will be really cool when it’s done.


Interesting! It seems as the map will be considerably bigger than I initially expected.