Strangely, I haven’t jumped onboard with Bodenplatte even though I have all the other BoX theaters. I will probably get it eventually, but DCS and XP11 really seem to have my attention right now. I have hardly touched the Kuban campaign.


I’ll buy into early access as soon as one of the US fighters is available. Until then, I’d be tying my money up in something I don’t use. Looks like it’s coming along nicely though!


Considering the amount of hard earned cash you have poured into XP, lately, you are excused… :money_mouth_face:


I hesitate to total it all up… but when you are medically grounded, the DCS Harrier’s Mavericks were broken, and you are waiting for the Hornet… what’s a guy to do? :wink:

Edit: Whoa! I just went onto the Org store and totaled it up… gulp!


Don’t DO that!!


FYI, I linked my accounts last night, and it was as difficult as clicking on a button during Steam BOS launch. The magic went on behind the scenes, and the next time I launched the sim in Steam, it did not ask me to login. What a beautiful sim, BTW.





VR and 3DMigoto

This isn’t dev news but I wanted to pass along something which really helped me improve the game. (If this has already been mentioned elsewhere on Mudspike, please don’t bother posting that fact. No harm is done to the forum by multiple mentions of the same info.) With the rapid pace of improvements in DCS, I came back to IL2 somewhat surprised at how bad it looked in VR by comparison.

This thread and a few other related threads at the IL2 forum really turned that situation around. Lefuneste’s 3dmigoto mod is, I think, essential. It lets you do two big things: 1) kill the prop disk and 2) zoom as much as you like in VR. The mod is easily reversible through an uninstall executable that is included in the package. It also passes multiplayer checks.

Besides the mod. Some of the advice on the forum was counterintuitive but yielded improvements. For instance, setting Terrain to “Blurred” and 2x or 3x density actually makes in clearer than using “Normal” or “Sharpened”. Also, using 4K terrain textures generally improved performance and reduces stutters. The only problem that I continue to fight is how planes passing in front of clouds disappear. Otherwise, all is great.


That has…not been posted before, I think…? :wink:
But, I did post this.

I don’t have a problem with aircraft disapearing in front of clouds. And they look fantastic!

I have got to try the 3DMigot mod…


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Are you using Vive or OC? It continues to be a big problem for me.


Oculus Rift.
Try the mod, in the link… Don’t know if that fixed the problem, but It can’t hurt.


Battle of Kuban appeared on Steam - nice!

New content as per dev info:


Dear Pilots,

It’s the summer holiday season and many team members are taking their hard-earned vacations. So, as a result our ability to give you super detailed Developer Diaries is diminished a bit. However, we have the first shots of our American P-47D-28 “Jug” in the engine. The cockpit is under development and these shots are of course Work In Progress. She’s turning out to be quite the beauty! We hope you enjoy!




In my bunk, it’s where I’ll be.


Oh! That’s the hottest thing I have seen all day… and its very late here.



schurem, you seem to spend a lot of time in your bunk. You must be very well rested :wink:

I looked for a cigarette smoking emoji, could not find one :slight_smile:


I work well over 80 hours… Yeah I need my rest :smoking: