I have them both. I love them both. My knowledge on aerodynamics is near nil. I do fly aerobatics every minute that I can spare when the weather cooperates and maybe that experience skews my perspective. I have a certain expectation of what the world is going to do outside my canopy when I push the stick in one corner and the rudder in the other. When I break out of a cloud deck with the setting sun behind I have and the ground below transitioning from obscurity to golden clarity, my mind has a fairly rigid idea of how it should look. When I fly through someone else’s contrail there is a whispy sense of speed and vibrating shadows that I have seen and felt. IL2 gets these things right to me. The manipulation of switches and the mastery of systems is a different and no less tangible pleasure. Few would argue that IL2 is a study sim. But it is an excellent flight sim.

I did get Clod back in the day but could barely run it with the system I was using at the time. No opinion on that one other than it just may bring back Friday Bomber Nights from the IL2 classic days.


Sorry, text and all right, I am not trying to fight, I just hate to see the sim community fight each other, so I am by no means fighting, but I also tend to be defensive of ED cuz I have grown close to a number of the guys there, specifically the guy working on the FMs for the prop stuff, and I know how detailed and anal he is, and he himself says that the short commings hit with our equipment, its the reason why just after buying the new Thrustmaster low-end pedals I turned around and ordered MFGs when I started testing the Spitfire :slight_smile:

So all and all, I apologize for my defensive stance I am biased in some ways, but also I like to think I am very well versed in most of the offerings out there, as well, I like to think a couple points of IQ have rubbed off on my from Yo-Yo :slight_smile: I could be very wrong on that though :smiley:


I really like IL*2 BOS/BOM/BOK. For me it brings back The Magic of The Old Oleg Maddox Days,Really looking forward to Addition of VR.


Yo-Yo has a tough job… Trying to simulate something so incredibly complex and mixed up with heartfelt feelings, is the very definition of “mission impossible” :slight_smile:

He’s doing a great job though.

I’m tired of all the fighting in the community too. Most sims have pros and cons. And I have seen them all. Well, minus maybe a couple, since the mid-80ies. Flightsimming has come a looong way since then! Thing is, though… I have enjoyed most sims I’ve tried, in one way or another.


Longest three months ever. Break out the VR already!


dont know bout you guys the FM change should be awsome … i think xD


This one is about Cliff of Dover but i still think Il-2 fans would love to hear about this very big outside of the box thinking deal they made with Team Fusion … i got a strange feeling im getting back on COD aswell … :slight_smile:



“Initially our patches from v3.00 to v4.312 will be made into a single download patch and available via Steam. This should be available in the next few-days and do away with the need to download multiple patches. Just head to Steam and download the single patch (although if you already have our patches installed there is no-need as it’s the same version).”


So Team Fusion did all that they did without access to the source code!? Even more impressive! Now (and I am guessing “no” since it wasn’t mentioned) is there away to merge the TF work into the IL2 code or will the two forever be entirely different brands?


Yup, different brands… But it’s ok. :slight_smile:


Technically, CloD is in the IL-2 brand too. But it has a sim engine that is not compatible with the newer sims under the IL-2 brand name, IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban.

In the future they will be separate brands.

The fact that Team Fusion was on the verge of releasing their 5.0 upgrade, VR support, new map and aircraft, and upgraded the sim from DX9 to DX11, without the source code, is simply mind blowing…!


i think that COD is way more realistic then the current series, i wish they would make il-2 current series with much more depth in the cockpit ( clickable etc.) it could really be a game changer, as for now its pretty much Flamming cliffs equivalent just ww2 planes. i dont think they will move to that kinda thing but i can just hope for that. till then i will enjoy both brands COD and BOS :slight_smile:


Yes, the CloD engine seems quite advanced, and I think 1C bit off more than they could chew, considering the delays in development and the bug ridden state it was released in.

Not sure I agree with that. Not “way more” anyway… In some aspects, yes. In other aspects, no.

They’re both realistic enough to hold on to my attention. If only they would get VR support :wink:


well BOS is gonna look WAY BETTER in VR lol :wink:


Can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:


Team Fusion Simulations patch v4.312 available via Steam


as i saw this i started downloading COD xD …




I am getting the D/L now I am glad I saved the Steam Backup and was able to reinstal the game without additional bandwidth, rural internet sux :slight_smile:


Mine updated, and didnt even know it, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Never mind, you have to chose it oops…