U-2VS looks like fun.

Bought Battle of Bodenplatte Premium a few hours ago, looking fwd to the P-38.




It might be time to buy…


Part of the premium pass, a J-25 I believe.


I do have an issue with Battle of Stalingrad.

Basically if I start it and my track IR hat is outside the “filed of view” of the camera all is good- the moment I wear it and it gets detected the game freeze and I have to CTRL + Alt + Del kill it.

Any other game just works.
Let me restate it.

ANY other games just is fine with the Track IR…
Is it something any of you ever experienced?


No, but would it help to put the hat on before you start the sim?


Sure, it just happened that way.
Problem is if the camera loses its tracking (like I look too low or too high-you know how it happens) then it’s the same…

Dunno- weird.


Might be a bug that the sim can’t cope with the camera being way out of bounds. I’ll try and reproduce with my rift.

Le edit: I have given it a go. Started the sim, recentered the goggles, then got up and walked away as far as the cable let me, took the HMD off and turned it upside down. The tracking apparently kept up, but the sim did something pretty smart with it: It reset the camera when I’d get a certain ways out of bounds.

So yeah, no crashes here.


:slight_smile: Thanks anyway!


Sweet. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been waiting for a P-38 to come to DCS or the new IL-2 series for a while now, so it’s quite exciting news. :grin: Now the IL-2 guys just need to do something set in the Pacific…


A Pac Sim is on their wishlist, I believe Boden is a way to get some of the mechanics they’d need for it developed first.

I don’t know if that’s planned to be their next one after Boden or not, but it has been spoken of more than once.


AFAIK they wanted to do a PAC sim, but lack of documentation, more specifically, resources to get Japanese technical documents translated held them back. Perhaps Bodenplatte money can pay for the above and Jason gets his dream Midway game.


Yup they openly declared the real need for people capable of reading Japanese…


1942 Pacific Air War was one of my favourite DOS sims back in the day, fantastic for its day … does anyone remember the canvas/tarpaulin pulled off the aircraft screen just before you started a mission?

I sure hope these guys can pull of a decent PAC sim in the not to distant future … one of the reasons I’ve bought everything inc ROF from them … apart from Tank Crew (not my style at all) but wow, flying Hellcats, Wildcats, Corsairs, Dauntless, Avengers etc, as well as Japanese Aircraft of the time too, what a thrill that would be to do with modern graphics and VR.


I have this issue, have to remember to put hat on before starting game.

Occurrence is a little random, not often enough to be triggering.