The implementation of VR into IL*2 is truly Magnificent!! This has added to the Magic of the series and assured the sim of a long,long life.


Can’t get bloody thing to load. I managed to get into it once, and that was it. Recalibrated in both oculus and steam. If I launch it directly. Game freezes. If I turn on steam VR, game launches in theater mode. Not sure where to go from here.

Edit - by turning off steam setting, unable steam VR when application starts fixed it.


Uggg. I’ve just tried and failed three campaign missions in a row. Cannon rounds were much more destructive before. Walking fire with MGs and saving cannon for guaranteed hits is now a must.

(Not complaining. I am up to the challenge.)


I hear you @smokinhole. In the handful of missions that I flew last night, it was painfully evident that I need to brush up on my WW2 gunnery chops. Great fun though.


Aiming is for chumps. Ram them!




New Developer Diary entry today - always an interesting read:

The anti-tank bomblets look fun. :boom:

Plus some improvements in bullet strike physics:

…and of course, some white cliffs.


i was really waiting for something like improvements in bullet strike physics to happen, i felt from the beginning that the bullets are tired as they get out of the cannon and now it looks like its fixed … IL-2 keep getting better and better cant wait for Midway :smiley:


From what I gather, this is just a ‘calibration’ of physics and animation, so to speak. But yes, a welcome update. IL-2 has so much to offer, and now in full blown VR… I love it!
Yeah, bring on the Pacific! :palm_tree:


I have to say I am impressed at how the target aircraft literally stagger as they are taking hits. Very nicely implemented.

I really must give BoS another chance. My main problem is that the Eastern Front isn’t my main interest when it comes to the WW2 air war. I am much more interested in the ETO and PTO.


Wow! And that P-40…hnnnnng

Ditto. I usually spend an hour or so trying to get back into it and then get distracted.


Agreed… And I hate myself for feeling that way. A very significant part of WWII was won on the Eastern front. I have the greatest respect for the Russians and their efforts in defending Rodina. But I was brought up on Hollywood movies and literature focusing on other theaters of operation.

That aside, IL-2 BOSBOMBOK is a excellent combat flight sim. And like any other serious sim, it takes some time and effort, to get into it. I let it sleep on my HD while they implemented VR, and that was enough to have to spend significant time getting back in.


I have a saitek yoke down in the cellar that I bought specifically for flying TB-3’s in IL2. I think I may dust it off for the HE-111 I guess that will be cool in the rift.
I don’t know if this is obsolete but it was a very cool tool to use back in the day. Its a bombsight table

This is the readme with credits to its authors. I just remembered I had it on an old external HDD and someone may find it of use
Bombsight Table + Bombsight Table 2 for Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters

Functional description:

Bombsight Table re-counts IAS (Indicated Air Speed) into TAS (True Air Speed). This is important for make an accurate bombing. TAS depends on IAS and Altitude. TAS is indicated in kilometers and miles per hour. Altitude is indicated in Meters and Feet.
Bombsight Table 2 is a development of original Bombsight Table.Imperial measurement units usage has been corrected, now it correctly displays distance in nautical miles and speed in knots. The function is enhanced with bombsight angle calculation for manual release of ordonance and with measurement of distance to target (based on manual flight data input).


SHIFT + PAGE UP: Altitude +
SHIFT + PAGE DOWN: Altitude -
CTRL + PAGE UP: setting IAS +
CTRL + PAGE DOWN: setting IAS -
Alt + PAGE UP: setting Distance +
Alt + PAGE DOWN: setting Distance -
SHIFT + PAUSE/BREAK: show / hide program window


WT_Pedropan + WT_Pitr
White Tigers squadron Czech Republik
[email protected]
[email protected]


Nice find! I ended up making my own little “paper computer” to convert IAS to TAS.

Not as snazzy as an .exe file, but it worked! I still use it for DCS mission editing.




Looks like the 2.010 patch it out today.


I would agree, accept I have sticky notes all over my computer area with, map notes, mission ideas, etc etc… least his stuff looks pretty professional :slight_smile:


This is going to sound out of place but I feel impolite saying this in a current ongoing discussion in another thread about another sim: The clouds in IL2 look correct from near and far. They move with the wind. They are in the same position for all clients. They develop in “streets” as clouds are want to do. And they look and feel like physical realities when you fly through them.

OK. Got that off my chest. Carry on.


Sorry, still felt impolite…


Maybe they do them as part of the map, as in built-in rather than dynamic? I’ve never really noticed. I guess it’s also possible to do some form of procedural generation to make them appear in the same place for MP.

Please try not to take the video games personally. :slight_smile:

PS Where’s the avatar from Sith? It looks vaguely RAF?