its coming … :smiley:


Jason also posted a screen of the Spit in the forum for the dev update




My gods… the engine sound on that last rolling passage is amazing.


Seen RoF mentioned a few times - I have been trialling TriDef’s new “VR” utility. It isn’t proper VR, in fact all it is, is 3D on a screen in front of you (a bit like using Virtual Desktop or the like to play, but in 3D.

It’s supposed to support RoF and I was really excited about that - but so far in my tests, I get refused even logging in to RoF, apparently due to some added or modded file. This is only when using TriDef VR - works fine otherwise, so even that may be a no go.

I’ve uninstalled BoS for now - I got so fed up of a) being unable to log in so frequently and b) the awful ground handling. Once you get up, it’s fine, but that horrid ground handling is a real off-putter.



I’m sure you guys will be aware that there’s a sale on at the IL-2 webshop just now, but if not -

Hey guys, there’s a sale on at the IL-2 website just now!! :grinning:


Really? I find the ground handling to be quite good.


ROF used to have a “mods on” check box for that kind of thing, did they remove it?


The main problems I had was with the throttle. I would increase it ever so slightly and nothing would happen. Then after half a minute or so, it would shoot up to a silly level and I’d just spin off into the countryside.

If I tried just raising it very slowly until the aircraft started moving, same thing happens.

In CloD I have real trouble getting the Hurricane to turn at all - and it’s the only one I’ve tried so far. It was a real nightmare.
I’d like to do more, but it’s so off-putting, it takes me so long just to get airborne, by the time I’m up I’m either in the completely wrong frame of mind because it’s been so frustrating, or I don’t have enough time left to fly the mission.

Also in CloD, I suppose it doesn’t matter that much, but I like my screenshots - I have thousands of em from each sim I fly - and the aircraft looked silly from the outside view. I can’t quite describe it - like a toy, I suppose. I think there is an option IIRC to have different exterior finishes, so maybe I need to look at that.


No - I was thinking about that. I’ll try it on, I don’t remember what I had it set to - I don’t fly RoF online, so probably didn’t bother with the setting, but I will check it - ha, when I have time!


CloD has a weathering slider. At the far left (which is the default) it’s “factory fresh”, not even been outdoors let alone flown yet. At the far right, it’s war-weary and beaten. I keep my slider in the middle for those times when I fly it.

I actually recently reinstalled after a break because the TF mod is on Steam, making the install so easy to do. I had reinstalled Windows or something and hadn’t the time or energy to put into the effort of putting the mod in the old way, so CloD had been off my PC for many months.


It would be so nice if 777 ported ROF into latest IL2 engine with VR support.


I’d willingly pay a good 10$ for that.


50-60$ to revamp it. At least. If they take on the effort, it probably will take about a year if not more.


Whelp, that was my price- not trying to coerce, it’s what I can give.


I guess this is all part of the pending salary negotiations as Art Director for ConTrollR Inc…


Oh yes…!
I so miss RoF, but now when I have tasted VR, I don’t want to go back.


That I agree. TrackIR is put away and will not come out.VR or burst.


I still need to try BOS with my Rift. My little dip with x-plane didn’t convince since I couldn’t read the instruments. I have hard enough time flying well as it is :wink: