IL-2 BoS campaigns with short flights

I have BoS standard edition. I havent been able to get into any campaigns because the campaigns and units I select always seem to wind up with incredibly long flight times. Even with autopilot and time acceleration, I wind up getting bored.

Can anyone recommend campaigns and/or units to select that have relatively short flight times? I’ll take air to air or ground attack, either axis or allies.

IME, most of the community made scripted campaigns have short flights. That is 40 miles instead of the 80 or so seen in Career mode. Not at my PC, so can’t recommend specifically for BoS atm. Most are really well made and one of the things that I wish DCS would allow without jumping through hoops.

Achtung Jabos! is a P-47D campaign that I used to learn that aircraft. You need Bodenplatte add-on but the author has reconfigured so that it does not require Battle of Kuban. Most of the legs are about 10 mins or less flying and you will learn air to ground in the Jug using bombs, rockets, and in my case, strafing because I inadvertently jettisoned my bombs on the way to the target in one mission. Highly recommended.

I’m not sure if any of the campaigns run without an add-on, but you could ask that question in the Scripted Campaigns forum, and I’m sure that you will get an answer.

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Thanks @chipwich

I downloaded Achtung Jazbos! and will give it a try. Lot’s of others to look at as well!

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